30th January 2016

Wilfred’s 2nd Birthday Rainbow Party


Wilfred turned two yesterday – and after a day celebrating at Emirates Park Zoo (worth a visit if you haven’t been) and opening presents at home, we gathered this morning for a small, but very lovely party to celebrate.

I have some big thanks to say first. Firstly to my friend Elena, who really is the kindest person in the history of the world and not only offered her garden for the morning (a treat for us garden-less folk in Dubai Marina) but sent out an appeal for tables and chairs in her community and drove around gathering them all weekend with her equally lovely husband Chris. She’s a keeper – and we are very appreciative to both of them for allowing 14 sugar-fuelled children to run around their garden all morning.

Secondly to my friend Carol, who loaned us her bouncy castle for the morning. The kids had a ball and there are only a couple of black eyes (both belonging to my boys, of course…)

Also to my friend Simone, who is very talented behind the lens and took photos of the morning so I could share them with you in this post. We all know that professional photography doesn’t come cheap these days, so I feel very lucky to have a friend that happily brings along her camera and snaps away.

We had such a lovely morning, surrounded by our best friends in Dubai – with our youngest guest only 2 weeks old (and not even due for another week, making her a very special guest indeed!) Wilfred says a big thank you for all his lovely presents and to everyone who made an effort to come along on what was probably the coldest morning in the history of Dubai (I exaggerate, but at least the rain held off).

In typical second-child-style, Wilfred hangs out with his brother’s friends and their siblings most of the time – so it’s lovely that he got a morning to be centre of attention (even though I’m still not entirely sure he understood it was his party!) I really wanted his party to be simple – like the birthdays I had as a child. Nothing fancy – just cake, laughter, party food, and friends. I think we achieved that this morning, so without further ado, here are a few details about what I ordered and purchased for the day – and below that, the photos of the morning.

Cake: Hummingbird Bakery. Order online here, with delivery to your door.

Decorations: Party Camel (food boxes, cake decoration, party bags, table cloth). Order here.

Party Hats, Balloons and Food: Waitrose

Message Light Box: A Little Lovely Company

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