24th May 2019

We review: Happy Kids Dental, London

I’ve been looking for a good dentist for Stanley for a while – and due to negative past experiences with dentists in our area, I was looking for someone that both understood fully what he needed treatment wise and who would look after him in a very gentle, sensitive way. If he could actually look forward to going to the dentist, all my problems would be solved!

Step forward Happy Kids Dental Clinic in London. The company have two locations in the city – the original clinic in Marylebone and a newer location in Chelsea, just around the corner from Sloane Square station. The latter is more convenient for us, so I made an appointment for a Saturday morning.

When the day came, Stanley was quite anxious about visiting a dentist – and we got closer to the clinic, I could feel his hesitation. But as we approached and noticed the fun, brightly painted entrance, his eyes open wide and his pace quickened. And after we’d checked in and he’d reached the waiting room, he had a giant smile on his face!


And I didn’t blame him, as the waiting room really was impressive! A giant pirate ship to explore, complete with slide; video games to play on the wall, interactive toys to keep them busy while they wait; colourful murals covering the walls; a fridge with healthy drinks to help themselves to; and comfy sofas and a coffee machine for waiting parents. He was having so much fun that he was actually quite sad when it was his turn for the appointment!

However, that disappointment didn’t last long. After his dentist (Marjan Ghahreman) came to collect him, we were taken upstairs in the lift to the third floor of the building. Walking out of the lift, we found a second waiting room, where Stanley was allowed to browse Netflix and choose a TV programme to play above his head when he moved to the dental chair! He spent a while browsing, before settling on ‘Planet Earth’.

We were then taken along the corridor where we found three fun, animal-themed sinks on the wall, complete with giant tootHbrushes. After Stanley chose the hippo, our dentist turned over a large egg-timer (which would time out two minutes exactly) and asked him to start brushing the hippo’s teeth. This not only helped Stanley learn brushing techniques, but also makes children very aware of how long two minutes lasts when they are brushing their teeth. Stanley coincidentally has a flashing toothbrush at home that times his two minutes, so it wasn’t an unfamiliar concept – but I thought this was a very clever way to communicate it to kids.

Once the two minutes was up, we were taken into the dental room itself. It looked like most other dental rooms, apart from the fact there was a cuddly toy waiting on the chair (with his own brush if Stanley fancied doing a bit more brushing) and of course, that promised TV screen on the ceiling for Stanley to watch while the dentist checked his teeth (Planet Earth already playing!)

Stanley was so happy and relaxed at this point that he didn’t hesitate to get into the seat, nor to open his mouth when the dentist asked him to. Such a difference to previous dental appointments!

But the fun wasn’t over yet… When we were finished with the dentist, Stanley was handed a token – and when we got back down to the reception area downstairs, he was directed to a ‘Prize Tower’ where he could slot in his coin and get rewards with a plastic egg with small toy inside (his brother and sister were kindly given one each too). It was such a small little extra (and really just a Kinder-egg style plastic toy inside) but one that ensured he left the dentist nearly bursting with happiness, asking me if we could come back soon.

I was so seriously impressed with Happy Kids Dental. Of course, it’s a private clinic and it comes with a price tag, but if you have a child that is scared of the dentist or who has more complex dental needs that means they need to come back a lot, I really don’t think you can put a price on finding the right dentist to offer both exceptional treatment and a positive, relaxed experience for your child.

Stanley is asking me nearly every day when it’s time to go back – and I can hardly believe he’s talking about the dentist, given how scared he was before. Thank you Happy Kids Dental for reassuring both of us!

To find out more about Happy Kids Dental or to book an appointment, head here > https://happykidsdental.co.uk/