18th December 2014

Things I Do When The Kids Are Not Around

photoToday is our 4th Wedding Anniversary and we have two days in a beautiful hotel in the Cotswolds on our own without the kids. This never happens. So it’s kind of a big deal.

I’m enjoying every single second. However, it has to be noted that since leaving the boys, I have done the following:

1 – Woke up at 5am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Took me several minutes to realise that it was a pillow between us and not the baby.

2 –  Thought about the boys 3,000 times. Thought about calling the grandparents 3,000 times. Actually called them 3 times.

3 –  Parked the car and immediately went to open to the back doors and get the boys out. Turned it into a ‘oh yes, I needed this empty crisp packet from the back seat’ move, with several members of the public in the vicinity.

4 – Walked out the hotel and experienced a sudden moment of panic when I realised we did not have the children, nor the baby monitor. Did a little hop, skip and jump at the realisation, before immediately feeling guilty and adopting a poker face.

5 – Looked at photos and videos on my phone of the boys at least every 5 minutes. Had full conversations with the husband about how squishy the baby’s thighs are and how funny the toddler’s chat is, before realising ourselves and changing the conversation to the weather (it’s cold, much colder than Dubai).

6 – Looked at my watch and totally ignored the numbers, reading ‘it’s tea time’, ‘it’s bath time’, or ‘it’s bedtime’ instead.

7 – Looked at my glass of wine, and automatically thought ‘this is going to be painful in the morning’.

8 – Went Christmas shopping for family members. Ended up with nothing for the family and everything for the children.

9 – Experienced another moment of panic when I couldn’t see my children in the shop. The children that are over a hundred miles away.

10 –  Heard the baby cry at least 10 times. In my mind.