17th July 2015

The trends our kids will laugh about in the future…

While pondering my parents’ tea towel collection and avocado bathroom suite recently, it got me wondering about today’s trends that will baffle my own children when they are grown up. So imagining them having a hypothetical conversation with a hypothetical friend in the future, this is probably how it’d go…



Stanley: “My parent’s house is just so dated.”
Friend: “IKEA?”
Stanley nods.
Friend: “Yep, me too. It’s so minimalist. Colours are so boring. They were trying so hard to be trendy. And that chair with the stool that everyone has!”
Stanley: “The Poang? In white?”
Friend: (howling with laughter) “Yes! In white! And you can still see the times when we dribbled over it as children. Why did they always buy white?”



Wilfred: “Do your parents still talk in #hashtags?
Friend: “Yes, it’s so embarrassing.”
Wilfred: “We were in a café last week and there was an old friend sat a few tables along. My parents turned to each other and said “hashtag-awkward” and laughed out loud.
Friend: “No?!”
Wilfred: “Yes. So embarrassing.”
Friend: “Not cool. Really not cool.”


Stanley: “If it had a word written on it, my Mum had to buy it. She was drinking out of a ROFL mug when I left the house the morning.”
Friend: “Tell me about it. My parents still have a framed picture in their room with ‘Keep Calm: Holiday Is Coming” in massive letters. There are pictures like that all over the house.”
Stanley: “Me too. So dated.”
Friend: “Shows their age.”




Wilfred: “Do your parents still eat Quinoa?”
Friend: “No, but Mum still isn’t over the Kale thing.”
Wilfred: “My Mum is doing another juice cleanse.”
Friend: “God I didn’t know people did them anymore!”
Wilfred: “Using her Nutribullet?”
Friend:“The Nutribullet! We had one of those! Can’t believe you still have one!”
Wilfred: “I know! Old school!”




Wilfred: “Major cringe. We were on holiday last week and Mum pulled out the selfie stick!”
Friend: “NO!”
Wilfred: “I was like ‘Mum, PLEASE??!!!” Everyone was staring and laughing.
Friend: “My parents still do it wherever we go. See a nice background – ruin it by putting their faces in the shot.”
Wilfred: “Parents are so embarrassing.”




Stanley pulls phone out of pocket
Friend: “What is that?!”
Stanley: “It’s an old school iPhone! Don’t laugh, it’s retro!”
Friend: “What year?”
Stanley: “2015”.
Friend: “Can I hold it? Wow, it’s so heavy.”
Stanley: “There’s a whole drawer of these at home, we’ve got the iPhone 1, 3G, 4, 4S, 5,  5C, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 8…”
Friend: “OK I get the picture. It’s like my parents iPad collection. Why did they need so many of them? What was the actual difference in each model?”
Stanley: “No idea. Parents are weird.”
Friend: “And what about when you ask your parents for help with something and they reply “there’s an app for that!”
Friend: “Same! So annoying.”


Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 14.44.58


Wilfred: “Every photo my parents took when I was a child has a vintage filter on it.”
Friend: “Same. It’s like they took them a hundred years ago.”
Wilfred: “My Mum still shouts at us when the food arrives at a restaurant so she can take a picture before we eat.”
Friend: “People still do that?!”
Wilfred: “Every time. I was like “Mum, who are you going to show it to?!” And she shrugged. I wonder whether she has albums of dishes that she looks through when she’s hungry.
Friend (howls with laughter): Probably when she’s doing her Nutribullet cleanse!”
Wilfred: ‘Exactly!”