23rd November 2015

The 10 smells that will always remind me of the baby and toddler days

1. Eau de Newborn

That warm, sweet smell of a new baby is something I am struggling to even describe – but every time I have held a newborn baby since I had my own, memories come back of exhausting, wonderful days with a brand new person in the house. I remember their necks and hair smelt especially good – I could just sit there and sniff them for hours.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.55.25

2. Baby Shampoo

The smell of the shampoo that I use every night on my boys will always remind me of that perfect time after their bath, when they are looking their cutest in pyjamas, drinking milk, and enjoying cuddles and stories before bed. I am sure that when I am old and grey, I will only need to pop the lid off a bottle, sniff, and I will be taken straight back to the time they were small.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.44.08

3. Nappy explosions

How could I ever forget? (especially when it was in public / at 3am).  Enough on that subject already.


4. Baby Wipes

The scent of baby wipes will always take me back to this time in my life. I can easily use half a pack of baby wipes a day for wiping bums, cleaning dinner off faces, and even mopping up the floor.  In fact, I have no idea how I ever coped without them.


5. Milk spills

From tipped bottles, thrown cups, expressing machines, leaking boobs, and dropped formula cartons. I will never forget the sweet smell of spilt milk  – especially when the spillage happens in the car, on favourite comforters, or over home furnishings to give me a real challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.43.42

6. Sicky muslins

I had a stash of muslins and kept them on the back of every chair, in every room. My failsafe way to work out whether it was clean or needed to thrown in the laundry basket was a quick sniff. More often than not, it smelt of milky sick – so was thrown across the room in disgust, before I hunted for a new one.


7. Vegetable puree

If you weaned your baby with vegetable puree, you won’t forget the sweet, earthy smell of steamed and pureed vegetables (mostly because you spent more time cleaning it up than your baby did eating it).

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.45.32

8. Scented nappy bags

I don’t even have to smell the offending item inside it – the cheap perfume of a scented nappy bag will remind me of nappy changes with one quick sniff.  In fact, it’s enough to turn my stomach.


9. Calpol

The sugary sweet smell of purple Calpol will take me back to sleepless nights when my children screamed with pain thanks to teething or random temperature spikes. More often that not, it was rejected in anger in the early days, dripping down their necks and into their hair. They smelt like strawberries for days.


10. Playdoh

For a long time, the scent of play-doh reminded me of my own childhood – but now I only need to open a pot and I think of my own children. Not just in the moments they play with it. But also in the moments I have had to remove half-sucked blobs from their mouths, pluck it out of the living room rug, and sweep up half-dried bits from the floor of the entire apartment