21st May 2015

The 10 Photos That Make Me Happy

I love looking back at old photos, so I thought I’d share the 10 that make me happy instantly when I see them. These aren’t necessarily the important moments – like the time I first held my baby in my arms or the time one brother met the other. But these are the sometimes spontaneous, sometimes planned moments that bring a smile to my face – usually because I remember the happiness we felt at the time.

So here goes…


In Thailand and pregnant with his brother


The early days of being a family of 4, all piled into bed in the morning.


Happy sunny days in the UK


Flying over Dubai Marina – our home


And there goes his older brother, in Thailand in October 2013


The afternoon before we flew back to the UK for Christmas – excited is an understatement (and a tiger!)


We returned to the bench in Greenwich Park where we got engaged – and 5 years later, we had two in tow!


My three babies!



Me and my big baby



Days on the beach are usually our happiest times


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