1st January 2015

Take a picture every day of 2015

c9366163c9235e2755215dd97137262aWant a challenge for the year ahead? I challenge you to take a picture every day and upload to your phone via the free app Project 365.

I started taking a photo a day via this app on January 1st 2013, two years ago today. I have loved looking back at the pictures as the boys grow up. My favourite line every morning is ‘guess what we were doing this time last year?‘ to which my husband raises his eyebrows and I enlighten him by checking the app. Now I get to look back two years, which is pretty cool and gives me another weapon for annoying him.

Project 365 is free to download at The App Store. You get a password-protected page online to upload your photos to protect them (in case you lose your phone or a toddler throws it down the toilet). You can also upgrade to the pro version, which allows you to download too, which means you can get the app back onto your phone if the aforementioned happens – I did this, because I love Project 365 so much.

My only regret is that I didn’t start the day Stanley was born – so if you are pregnant (or helpfully gave birth this morning like my friend Serena, congrats The Selbys!) get involved now!

So without further ado, here’s a few photos from the past two years on my app – and I cant wait to see what the boxes will be filled with over the year ahead.


Oh and by the way, I added the dates – you don’t need to do this as the app is dated every day, but I liked that extra touch. Happy New Year everyone!