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12th February 2015

My favourite places to shop for my boys

One thing I’ve heard repeated frequently from pregnant mummy friends is that it’s not as much fun to dress little boys. A lot of shops admittedly seem to give up on boys’ clothes, filling the rails of the girls’ aisles with pretty prints and classic shapes, so that you don’t have to spend a lot to dress  girls classically and beautifully. For the boys, however, there might be a few pairs of tracksuit bottoms, with a tacky embroidered logo on the pocket for good measure, and a couple of different choices of T-Shirts with neon cartoon characters emblazoned across them. So no; it isn’t always easy to shop for boys, but if you shop in the right places, it really can be just as much fun to dress them.

Here are my favourite places to shop for my boys. All 6 are available in the UK and 4 are available in the UAE (I highly recommend getting yourself a Shop & Ship account if you don’t already have one so you can ship the other 2 too).



1 – ETSY. This online marketplace has a bit of a reputation for crafty, homemade buys – but you can pop anything into the search engine and discover some very cool buys for boys. The above three buys are all by UK sellers (Top, Leggings, and Downloadable Print) and cost very little. I’ve just ordered Wilfred this pair of leggings and another covered in monsters, oops. Shop here.

2 – H&M. You need to hunt through the rails of H&M to find the best bits, but I have dressed my boys from this store since they were a couple of months old. I usually go for the simple basics. Don’t expect them to last too long, as you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Shop the UK online store here. View the UAE collection here.

3 – NEXT. I’m a sucker for Next. I like the simplicity of a lot of their clothes and I love the fact that things are always comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t bear to put the boys in scratchy clothes that I would never dream of wearing against my own skin. The prices are very good too. Shop the UK online store here. Shop the UAE online store here.

4 – OFFICE. I get all Stanley’s shoes from Office. He lives in TOMS and Converse, which look cool but also support his feet. The TOMS are especially good, as he’s very independent, meaning he can put them on and take them off himself. If we lived in the UK, he would also be wearing Timberlands. Shop the UK online store here.

5 – GAP KIDS. Oh I love GAP Kids. Such simple, stylish pieces for boys. I just wish it was a bit cheaper, especially in Dubai where everything is inflated by another 30% – I just can’t bring myself to spend the equivalent of £30 on a pair of shorts. When the stuff goes on sale, however, I’m the first through the door. The 2-for-1 T-Shirt deals are also brilliant. Shop the UK online store here. Head into store if you are in the UAE.

6 – ZARA KIDS. Also a bit pricey, but really lovely for the odd piece for your boys’ wardrobes. There’s a real mixture of classic and quirky. The store is especially lovely when boys are teeny – and make sure you pop into Zara Home too, for the irresistible choice of baby blankets. Shop the UK online store here. Head into store if you are in the UAE.

5th June 2014

Hats for boys

One day back in September 2013, Stanley decided that hats were the enemy. Living in Dubai, where temperatures in the summer hit 50’C, this wasn’t the best news. But I wasn’t surprised, as lots of things have gone this way since he became a toddler. Peas, highchairs, flotation devices, sandals, haircuts, car washes; these are all the enemy.

Then recently, he spotted a pretty cool straw hat sat on the shelves of his best friend Raffy’s bedroom. And hats were suddenly cool again! I couldn’t get to the mall fast enough to buy one for him – just as summer hits Dubai, this was exceptionally good timing, protecting his blonde curls from the sun on the way to and from nursery.


Don’t get me wrong; we are taking baby steps, introducing the hat for longer periods each day before he snatches it off his head, throws it away in anger and shouts NO! NO HAT! as if he is HORRIFIED that his mother could place such a thing on his head. But then the next day, he asks for it again. So I will win this battle.

And in celebration of hats being back in fashion in our house, here’s a round-up of my favourite hats for stylish little boys (number one modelled by Stanley above)…


1. Straw hat with navy ribbon, £9.99, Zara Kids (click here)

2. Flat cap, £4, Florence & Fred at Tesco (click here)

3. Shark cap, £4.99, H&M (click here)

4. Monkey cap, £5.60, M&S (click here)

5. Los Angeles cap, from £8, Next (click here)

6. Star sun hat, £14, Toby Tiger at House of Fraser (click here)

7. Jaguar print cap, £25, Mini Rodini at Alex and Alexa (click here)

8. Straw hat, £8, Mothercare (click here)

9. NY Yankees cap, £10, Schuh (click here)