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14th June 2014

5 Of The Best Apps for Toddlers

I had a summer recipe planned for today, but right on cue, the sun has disappeared. So I’ve decided to do a round-up of the apps that kept Stanley occupied on our flight over instead.

I have to be honest; I don’t mind an overcast day. After such a long stint over in Dubai, it’s amazing to feel the sensation of cold on my skin when I step outside. It’s also a big relief to spend time putting the kids in and out the car – I had got it down to a rapid two minute routine to avoid leaving them in the 37’C of our carpark, but I felt like I’d swum 10 laps in the pool when I climbed back inside the car at breakneck speed.

Anyway, back to the point. We don’t let Stanley play on the iPad much at home, but save it for occasions when we really need it (although admittedly he did get to play quite a lot when I was feeding Wilfred during the very early newborn days – and it was a godsend for that). I feel Stanley has learnt a lot from the apps he plays – mainly alphabet, phonics, or related to stories we read at home. It’s definitely taught him things and improved his speech – and in a world where he will be surrounded by technology his entire life, I think it can only be a good thing to introduce it in moderation. When we travel, the iPad really does make life easier – and the below apps are the ones that kept him very happy on our 7-hour flight on Wednesday. If you are travelling soon, make sure you download!

1 – My PlayHome – £2.49


This was recommended to me just before we flew and I was very happy I took her advice and downloaded it! It’s a huge interactive playhouse where a touch of the screen can fry an egg, close curtains, switch on a washing machine, get the family dressed, put the baby to bed, and much, much more. Stanley was transfixed and found new things every time he played it.

2 – CBeebies Playtime – Free


This has to be the best free app available for toddlers. We don’t even watch CBeebies as it isn’t available in Dubai, but that didn’t affect Stanley’s enjoyment. He loves the dinosaur section where you adopt a dinosaur, change its colour, and make it move around. He also loved the painting and drawing section, especially the bit where they can pop bubbles over a canvas to splatter paint

3 – Nighty Night – £1.99


This app is so beautifully done and has to be my favourite app. Perfect for introducing before nap or bedtime, the child has to switch off the light for each animal before they fall asleep. I love the graphics and think the whole thing is very calming.

4 – Tally Tots Counting – £1.99


This has been Stanley’s favourite since we downloaded it before our last set of flights back to the UK. It’s all about counting – and with each number, there are challenges (such as hatching eggs with a dab of the finger or picking apples with a swipe across the screen). It has really helped with his counting and he obviously loves the challenges too.

5 – The Hungry Caterpillar & Friends – £2.49


This app makes one our favourite books interactive! The app is beautifully designed, in the form of a pop-up copy of The Hungry Caterpillar where the characters come to life. You can read the story or play different games.

Let me know what you think if you download!