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17th April 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Shared Parental Leave

If you live in the UK, you may have heard about Shared Parental Leave (SLP) legislation, which came into force on 5th April 2015. This new policy gives eligible parents, partners, and adopters the flexibility to decide who will care for their child in the first year of its life – and when you think about it, it seems absolutely right that we should be able to choose who stays at home with our  own child.

The changes mean that maternity cover can be split between a mother and her partner or the father, giving them the chance to either take time off together to care for their child (beyond the current two weeks paternity leave that is currently available to fathers), or split the leave so that the mother can return to work, allowing the father or partner to spend additional quality time bonding and caring for their child.

And good news for those adopting a child – they are entitled to the same rights as other parents to Shared Parental Leave.

It sounds like an amazing piece of legislation, but quite confusing – but when I saw this infographic by Citrix GoToMeeting, it suddenly all made sense, so I thought you’d like to have a read too.


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