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5th February 2015

10 Signs You Are Suffering From Mummy Madness…

10584646_1478399545738897_1162444128_n1 – When, after a seriously bad night with the baby, you put the kettle in the fridge and the milk on the kettle stand.

2 – When you have got so used to calling your other half ‘Daddy’, rather than his name, you start doing it in public and don’t even notice.

3 – When you walk into the supermarket, look down, and discover you have the baby’s pureed vegetables splattered down your outfit, with drips as low as your ankles.

4 – When you leave your house for a rare night out and realise you have a massive smile plastered to your face as you walk down the street.

5 – When you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee when the kids are asleep, switch on the TV, sit down on the sofa – and don’t realise until 20 minutes later you have been staring at children’s cartoons.

6 – When you start up a conversation about poo with your friends and no one bats an eyelid.

7 – When you head out with the kids with a bulging nappy bag, only to discover that the bulging nappy bag contains nothing you need. No nappies, no drinking cups, and no baby wipes. And then the baby poos, the toddler is desperate for a drink, and you discover an old pouch of baby food has squirted all up the inside of the bag.

8 – When you find yourself humming the tune to ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ as you’re cooking dinner.

9 – When you cheer, clap and whoop out loud when your potty-training child does a wee in a public toilet. And you don’t even care who hears you.

10 – When your friend asks how the baby slept last night and you genuinely can’t remember what happened.

2nd November 2014

10 Signs That You Are Sleep Deprived…

IMG_35781 – If someone offered to babysit your children for 24 hours, you would spend most the time in bed.

2 – You dream about lie-ins in the same way you used to dream about travelling to far-flung places; it probably wont happen for years to come, but the dream keeps you going in your darkest hours.

3 – There is no greater comfort than a pair of pyjamas, evening on the sofa, and early night. You now consider party shoes and dresses as a mild form of torture.

4 – You can not function in the morning without your first cup of tea or coffee. Running out of tea or coffee is a terrifying thought.

5 – You have started to do strange things, like put the kettle in the fridge and the milk on the kettle stand. You laugh about it with your friends, but secretly fear for your sanity.

6 – You go to the cinema, catch a train, or sit in the passenger seat of the car – and within a few minutes, you are snoring. In fact you’ve started to look forward to these extra few minutes of shut-eye.

7 – You seriously believe that no one in the world can possibly be as tired as you are. If anyone yawns in your presence, you want to shout ’Tired? Tired? I haven’t slept in months!’

8 – Short films of kittens on the Internet make you cry. And you don’t even like cats.

9 – You try to read a book, but give up after a few lines as your eyes get blurry and you cant focus.

10. You turn to your partner after a particularly bad night ask ‘what happened last night?’ but neither of you can remember, as one bad night has started to merge into the next.