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23rd February 2015

6 x Apps I Use Nearly Every Day

OK, I admit it. I’m totally addicted to my iPhone. I feel naked when it’s not within my grasp – and whilst the boys aren’t allowed to play with it for long periods, they do enjoy kiddie-friendly apps when they are allowed.

These six apps are probably my favourite – they are the ones I use most days and find very useful. Plus, there’s a couple thrown in for the kids too, which I love as much as they do.

I’d love this post to be a place where you can suggest your favourites too – as everyone loves a recommendation and my iPhone could do with some fresh blood. So please do comment below (or on Facebook or Twitter) with your favourites!

photo.PNG1 – Pocket, Free (iTunes and Google Play)

This app is genius. Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook and getting distracted by the links to web posts you want to read? Download Pocket and you can send those links to the app in a second, saving them to read when you have more time (like when the kids are in bed or you are on your lunch break at work). The really clever bit, however, is that the links are fully downloaded when you send them across, meaning you can scroll through your list and read the posts when you don’t even have an internet connection.

2 – Project 365, Free (iTunes)

I blogged about this app back in January here. The idea is that you take one picture every day as a visual diary and upload it to the app on your phone. You also get a password-protected page online to upload your photos to protect them (in case you lose your phone or a toddler throws it down the toilet). I have been taking photos for over two years now and absolutely love looking back at how the boys have changed and what we were doing at the same time in previous years. I really recommend it.

3 – Art Kive, £2.99 (iTunes)

Here’s another app I have blogged about before here. ArtKive is an app that allows you to photograph your child’s artwork, upload it into albums, label it with their age or school year, and keep it filed away forever. There is also the option to create photo books of the artwork, so you can document it in physical form too. And yes, I know that you could just take photos on your iPhone – and if you can then be bothered to create folders manually for each child and remember to keep uploading, you can save yourself £2.99. But I really can’t be bothered to do that. So, in my humble opinion, this app is really brilliant.

4 – Nighty Night, £2.49 (iTunes and Google Play)

This app is for children and it’s quite simply a work of art. Designed for children between 1 and 4 to play when winding down before bed, children can click through a farmhouse with different animals in every room. They turn off the light for each animal and watch them settle down for bed. The graphics are really beautiful and the soundtrack very serene – it’s definitely worth paying £2.49 for.

5 – The Wonder Weeks, £1.49 (iTunes and Google Play)

You know when your baby is being fussy and unsettled and you think to yourself ‘maybe it’s teething or he’s going down with a cold?’ Well according to this app, it’s very often developmental leaps that cause babies to act like this – and not only that, they can be predicted as it’s all linked to their age. So you can log onto this app, check whether baby is going through a leap, and feel better equipped to deal with it. There’s even helpful tips for getting baby through the leap happily. I still log on very regularly for Wilfred – he still has two leaps to go before his ‘Wonder Weeks’ journey comes to an end.

6 – My PlayHome, £2.49 (iTunes and Google Play)

I like this app for children a lot. It’s essentially a huge, interactive playhouse where a touch of the screen can fry an egg, close curtains, switch on a washing machine, get the family dressed, put the baby to bed, and much more. I like the fact it encourages children to be imaginative through play. Be warned though, once Stanley left an alarm clock on in the app and threw the phone down on the sofa. It took me a long time to work out where that alarm was coming from…

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