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6th November 2014

Stocking Fillers for Boys

Starting to think about stocking fillers? Here are 30 ideas for little boys…

Stocking Fillers

1. Hot Shots YoYo, £2.66, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

2. Hot Wheels 5 Vehicle Pack, £6.24, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

3. Cars Elastoplast Plasters, £2.99, Boots (Click here to buy)

4. Magic Sand Kit, £7.26, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

5. The Original Glow Stars Company Cosmic Stars, £4.19, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

6. London Landmarks Make Your Own Bus, £3.50, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

7. Chocolate Money, available at every supermarket nationwide.

8. Silly Putty, £2.52, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

9. Raisins, available at every supermarket nationwide.

10. Mr Bump Bruise Gel Pack, £4.45, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

11. ‘Is It Too Late To Be Good?’ Top, £2.50, George at Asda (Click here to buy)

12. Carioca Superwashable Fine Tip Pens, £1.75, Baker Ross (Click here to buy)

13. Playdoh Party Pack, £6.99, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

14. Christmas Slipper Socks, from £4.50, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

15. Reindeer Hat and Mittens, £12, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

16. Clementine, available at every supermarket nationwide.

17. Childs Farm Hair and Body Wash, £3.99, Boots (Click here to buy)

18. Star Print Onesie, £5, George at Asda (Click here to buy)

19. Mirrored Spy Glasses, £5.75, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

20. LEGO Movie 6-Piece Stationery Set, £10, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

21. Penguin Hot Water Bottle, £12.50, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

22. Chocolate Reindeer Lolly, £1.75, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

23. Bubble Gun, £5, John Lewis (Click here to buy)

24. The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas Set, £6.99, The Book People (Click here to buy)

25. Twinklers Wave Flashing Toothbrush, £1.99, Boots (Click here to buy)

26. Thomas The Tank Engine Pants, from £7, Mothercare (Click here to buy)

27. The Julia Donaldson Audio Collection of 10 CDs, £9.99, The Book People (Click here to buy)

28. Bath Crayons, £6, Early Learning Centre (Click here to buy)

29. Diggers Sticker Book, £4.99, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

30. The Christmas Colouring Book, £5, Amazon.co.uk (Click here to buy)

27th September 2014

Jazzing up Playdoh Play

I’ve tried countless times to get Stanley interested in Playdoh – but alas, it usually holds his attention for a nanosecond before he is distracted, leaving me to clear up a table that looks like a  multicoloured bomb has gone off.

So I decided to jazz it up with a few accessories. I found a game online that helps to boost fine motor skills and thought that Stanley would enjoy it – so we started with this. You take a lump of Playdoh, stab a few uncooked strands of spaghetti into it, and get the child to thread cheerios onto each strand. It was harder than it looked for Stanley and he concentrated for a long time trying to string each cheerio onto the spaghetti.



After a while, the strands of spaghetti started to snap and he stabbed them back into the Playdoh one by one, so we had what resembled a hedgehog.


This kept him occupied for far longer than I expected – so the next day, I gave him some dry pasta and he carried on creating hedgehogs.




After this success, I was hunting for other ways to jazz up Playdoh play, so I took to the internet  to research other ideas. The below are my favourite, which will be be trying soon…


If you try any of these ideas, I’d love to hear! Happy playing!

17th May 2014

Five-minute Playdoh Recipe

I have my friend Katie to thank for this post. I teamed up with her in March to organise a joint second birthday party for our boys (Rafferty and Stanley) – and given the task of sorting out the party bags, I started to research contents online. I had already filled my online basket with the usual tat (bubbles, bouncy balls, stickers etc) when Katie suggested we did something a bit different.

Her idea was to get together and make playdoh with the boys, then divide it into equal portions, fill  pots, and give it away in the party bags. It was cheap, fun, and unique – and took us less than 5 minutes to make each batch (we made two batches so were at the stove for 10 minutes while the boys played). I have to admit that our arms were aching after all that stirring so we took it in turns (Katie was far more efficient on this front that me – biceps need a serious workout), but otherwise it was really easy and fun to do. And strangely satisfying when it all came together too!

photo 1

photo 2

Here’s the recipe:


1 cup water

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 cup flour

1/4 cup salt

2 tbsp cream of tartar

Food colouring


1. Pour the water, vegetable oil, flour, salt, cream of tartar and food colouring to a saucepan. Stir the mixture lightly together to combine. The play-doh will end up being the colour the mixture is now, so add some more food colouring if you want it brighter. You might also like to add some glitter for sparkle or essential oils for scent (we added lavender oil to calm our little ones as they played – or so the theory goes!)

2. Cook the mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly. It should be ready after about 4-5 minutes. During the first minute, the mixture will combine and look lovely and smooth During the second minute, you will start to see chunks (keep stirring to stop the chunks sticking to the side and burning). During the third minute, it will start to look like a lumpy mess (it’s meant to look like this – keep stirring!) During the fourth minute the dough will start to form into a ball. It’ll be ready when it’s not sticky and pulls away cleanly from the saucepan. Test it by pressing with your fingers (but be careful – it’s hot!)

3. Remove the dough from the saucepan and place on a plate to cool down.

4. Once cool, knead the dough.

5. Wrap in cling film or place in sealed containers

We used clear plastic pots (the best place to look is ebay.co.uk where I found a huge choice – search ‘round plastic containers). We also created pretty lids with tissue paper and ribbon (cut jnto squares, laid over the top of the pot, then secured with ribbon in a bow) and created ‘Playdoh’ stickers by hand.


photo 3

So that’s that – playdoh in five minutes! Let me know how you get on!