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27th September 2014

Jazzing up Playdoh Play

I’ve tried countless times to get Stanley interested in Playdoh – but alas, it usually holds his attention for a nanosecond before he is distracted, leaving me to clear up a table that looks like a  multicoloured bomb has gone off.

So I decided to jazz it up with a few accessories. I found a game online that helps to boost fine motor skills and thought that Stanley would enjoy it – so we started with this. You take a lump of Playdoh, stab a few uncooked strands of spaghetti into it, and get the child to thread cheerios onto each strand. It was harder than it looked for Stanley and he concentrated for a long time trying to string each cheerio onto the spaghetti.



After a while, the strands of spaghetti started to snap and he stabbed them back into the Playdoh one by one, so we had what resembled a hedgehog.


This kept him occupied for far longer than I expected – so the next day, I gave him some dry pasta and he carried on creating hedgehogs.




After this success, I was hunting for other ways to jazz up Playdoh play, so I took to the internet  to research other ideas. The below are my favourite, which will be be trying soon…


If you try any of these ideas, I’d love to hear! Happy playing!