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2nd June 2014

Little superheroes

I get why little boys like superheroes. I’d like to pull on an invisibility cloak at times (like when I creep in to check the boys are asleep and get clocked by two big blue eyes). I’d also like the ability to fly away from any situation with the snap of my fingers (like when the toddler decides to have a full-on meltdown in the supermarket over the fact I’ve chosen orange yoghurts and not pink). And superhero strength? I need that for the double buggy.

So in celebration of these enviable powers, I have compiled a list of bits and pieces to keep superhero-obsessed boys (and indeed girls) very happy. See you again soon; I’m off to find my cape.


collage 2

1. Mask T-Shirt, £24, Beau Loves at Cissy Wears (click here)

2. Superman Lego Clock, £19.99, John Lewis (click here)

3. Little Batman Print, £15, Notonthehighstreet.com (click here)

4. Superhero Pyjama Set, from £17 for two, Next (click here)

5. Boom! and Pow! Cushions, £12 each, Etsy (click here)

6. Notebook, £9.99, Notonthehighstreet.com (click here)

7. Superhero Hoody, £13, Baby Moos (click here)

8. Superhero Tights, £15.99, Little Titans (click here)

9. Decorate Your Own Cape And Mask Kit, £8, Early Learning Centre (click here)

10. Long-sleeved Superman Vest, £16, House of Fraser (click here)

11. Framed Comic Book, £39.95, Originalwall.co.uk (click here)

12. Baby Bib, £3.80, Baby Moos (click here)

13. Batman Lego Bedside Light, £29.99, Argos (click here)

14. Superhero in Training Mini Mug, £14.99, Sweet William (click here)

15. Batman Hoody, from £14, M&S (click here)

16. Superman Wooden Storage Box, £19.99, Truffle Shuffle (click here)

17. Bartman Converse, £40, Schuh (click here)

18. The Super Book for Superheroes, £6.87, Amazon.co.uk (click here)