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19th September 2014

My pick of LEGO gifts…

Do your boys love LEGO? Until I started to research this post, I didn’t know quite how much was out there for LEGO-mad kids. From headlights, to birthday invitations, to ice cube trays in the shape of little LEGO men, there’s a gazillion things out there beyond the bricks themselves.

So here’s my favourite LEGO themed gifts – and if your child loves to build, why not bookmark this page for his birthday or Christmas?

lego 1

lego 2

1 – LEGO Ideas Book, £8.50, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

2 – Building Block Birthday Invitations, £4 each, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

3 – Banksy-inspired LEGO Print, $95 (£57), The Brick Fantastic (click here to buy)

4 – LEGO Storage Head, £15.17, John Lewis (click here to buy)

5 – LEGO Movie, £10, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

6 – LEGO Drinking Bottle, £10.03, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

7 – Superhero LEGO Pyjamas, £30, Stardust Kids (click here to buy)

8 – LEGO T-Shirt, from £10, Next (click here to buy)

9 – LEGO Man Ice, Chocolate, and Jelly Tray, £8.86, Etsy (click here to buy)

10 – LEGO Superman Clock, £17.49, John Lewis (click here to buy)

11 – LEGO Slippers, £22.18, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

12 – LEGO Batman Watch, £15.99, Argos (click here to buy)

13 – LEGO Lights Torch, £12, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

14 – LEGO Juniors Construction Site, £14.99, John Lewis (click here to buy)

15 – LEGO Art Carousel, £20, Debenhams (click here to buy)

16 – LEGO Architecture London Big Ben, £24.99, Toys R Us (click here to buy)

17 – LEGO Star Wars Keyring, £6.99, John Lewis (click here to buy)

18 – Building Blocks Inspired Personalised Pencil Case, £14, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

19 – LEGO Head Torch, £9.04 each, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

20 – LEGO Star Wars Bedding Set, £24.99, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

21 – LEGO Character Encyclopedia, £13, Kiddiecare (click here to buy)

22 – Long-sleeve LEGO T-Shirt, £23, Zalando (click here to buy)

23 – LEGO Storage Box, £30, Debenhams (click here to buy)

2nd June 2014

Little superheroes

I get why little boys like superheroes. I’d like to pull on an invisibility cloak at times (like when I creep in to check the boys are asleep and get clocked by two big blue eyes). I’d also like the ability to fly away from any situation with the snap of my fingers (like when the toddler decides to have a full-on meltdown in the supermarket over the fact I’ve chosen orange yoghurts and not pink). And superhero strength? I need that for the double buggy.

So in celebration of these enviable powers, I have compiled a list of bits and pieces to keep superhero-obsessed boys (and indeed girls) very happy. See you again soon; I’m off to find my cape.


collage 2

1. Mask T-Shirt, £24, Beau Loves at Cissy Wears (click here)

2. Superman Lego Clock, £19.99, John Lewis (click here)

3. Little Batman Print, £15, Notonthehighstreet.com (click here)

4. Superhero Pyjama Set, from £17 for two, Next (click here)

5. Boom! and Pow! Cushions, £12 each, Etsy (click here)

6. Notebook, £9.99, Notonthehighstreet.com (click here)

7. Superhero Hoody, £13, Baby Moos (click here)

8. Superhero Tights, £15.99, Little Titans (click here)

9. Decorate Your Own Cape And Mask Kit, £8, Early Learning Centre (click here)

10. Long-sleeved Superman Vest, £16, House of Fraser (click here)

11. Framed Comic Book, £39.95, Originalwall.co.uk (click here)

12. Baby Bib, £3.80, Baby Moos (click here)

13. Batman Lego Bedside Light, £29.99, Argos (click here)

14. Superhero in Training Mini Mug, £14.99, Sweet William (click here)

15. Batman Hoody, from £14, M&S (click here)

16. Superman Wooden Storage Box, £19.99, Truffle Shuffle (click here)

17. Bartman Converse, £40, Schuh (click here)

18. The Super Book for Superheroes, £6.87, Amazon.co.uk (click here)

29th May 2014

An ode to bedtime…

I love my kids, but other mothers of small children will understand exactly what I mean when I say that bedtime is often my favourite part of the day. The moment I walk back into the lounge with the baby sleeping peacefully in his cot and his brother passed out in the other room, I feel a sense of elation and relief that we survived another day. I check my emails, do a quick workout from YouTube, pour myself a drink (the contents of glass very dependant on the kind of day we have had; therefore it is often wine), and collapse on the sofa. Oh yes, I like bedtime a lot.

To be fair, there are lots of other things I like about bedtime. It’s little boys in the cutest pyjamas, the smell of baby shampoo in their hair, the cuddles as we read a story, and the squeals of “I love you” as I pop the big one down in his cot (I taught him that; he has no idea what he’s saying, but I’m keen to keep it going). So to celebrate this simply wonderous time of day, I have compiled a selection of bedtime buys for boys below. Goodnight all.

collage 1

collage 2

1 – Monster Slippers, £8, John Lewis (click here)

2 – Angus the Sheep Pyjamas, £24, Ava & Luc (click here)

3 – Star Bedside Lamp, £35, Great Little Trading Company (click here)

4 – Ovre Bed Base, £95, IKEA (click here)

5 – Sleep Tight Cushion, £15, Not on the Highstreet (click here)

6 – Illustrated Stories for Bedtime, £8.96, Amazon.co.uk (click here)

7 – Hooded Dressing Gown, £12-£17, Debenhams (click here)

8 – Lego Brick Clock, £16.86, Amazon.co.uk (click here)

9 – Trains Duvet Set, £45, Cath Kidston (click here)

10 – Lounge Pants, £8, House of Fraser (click here)

11 – Knitted Dinosaur, £10, Next (click here)

12 – Cloud B Twilight Turtle, £24.95, Baby Lurve (click here)

13 – Port Side Pirates Illustrated Paperback, £5.99, Amazon.co.uk (click here)

14 – Read to Me Pyjamas, £14.95, GAP (click here)

15 – Knitted Blanket, £10, Matalan (click here)

16 – Pirate Pyjamas, £16, Jo Jo Maman Bebe (click here)

17 – Car toddler bed, £139, Mothercare (click here)

18 – Bull dog hot water bottle, £26, Not on the Highstreet (click here)