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12th July 2014

How to dress boys for formal events

I don’t like seeing little boys in suits for formal events. It creeps me out a bit. I like little boys to look like little boys, not little men. They need to be comfortable – after all, they need to be able to skid across the dance floor on their knees to a hit from the 1980’s and play chase with their cousins across a manicured lawn. For our sake too, it makes sense to put them in something a little less formal – when they stuff 20 cakes into their mouths at breakneck speed, followed by a few cocktail sausages dipped in ketchup and egg mayonnaise sandwiches for good measure, it’s nice to be able to leave them to it without worrying about the dry cleaning bill.

So if you’ve got a wedding, christening, anniversary do, or other formal event this summer, here’s a few ideas on how to dress your little boys…


1. Trilby Hat, £4.99, H&M (click here)

2. Striped Linen Shirt, from £7, Next (click here)

3. Flat Front Shorts, £12.95, GAP (click here)

4. Striped Sandals, £12.95, GAP (click here)


1. Bow Tie, £8, Mamas and Papas (click here)

2. Striped Shirt, from £40, GANT at John Lewis (click here)

3. Navy Chinos, from £8, Debenhams (click here)

4. Navy TOMS, £23, Office (click here)


1. Navy V Neck Jumper, £49, Ralph Lauren at John Lewis (click here)

2. White Polo Shirt, £3, Mothercare (click here)

3. Beige Chino Shorts, from £7, Next (click here)

4. Slip-on Sneakers, £14.95, GAP (click here)

Are you heading to a formal event this summer? I’d love to see a picture if you try out one of these looks!