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7th October 2014

Fruit Sushi for Kids

Fruit Sushi Shot

Sushi is one of my biggest weaknesses – so when I saw this recipe for Fruit Sushi, I couldn’t wait to try it out and share this wondrous foodstuff with my toddler. It’s ridiculously easy and quick to make (especially if you cheat and use pre-cooked rice like I did) – and makes a fun idea for healthy puddings and snacks.

So here’s what you need…


Rice – roughly 1/3 cup per sushi roll
Bananas – one per sushi roll
Assortment of fruit – anything you like, we used strawberries, blueberries and papaya


1. Cook your rice

2. Mash your banana into the rice while it’s still slightly warm

photo 2

3. Chop up your fruit

photo 3

4. Place a sheet of clingfilm on a chopping board and arrange the rice in a rectangular shape, about the depth of a fingernail

photo 4

5. Lay the fruit in a neat line along one edge of the rectangle

photo 5

6. Take the edge of the cling film nearest to you and carefully roll the rice into a sausage shape – keep pulling slowly and this will happen naturally

photo 1 copyphoto 2 copy

7. Wrap the remainder of the clingfilm around the sausage, covering both ends too – and place in the freezer for 2-3 hours

8. Take the frozen sushi sausage out of the freezer and slice into individual sushi rolls

photo 4 copy

9. Allow to thaw for 10 minutes and serve while it is still cold enough to hold its shape


Let me know if you try it and what your kids think!

24th June 2014

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Healthy chocolate mousse? How is that even possible? Well, it’s very possible with this genius (and  very, very easy) recipe.

Stanley and I first tasted this mousse at my friend Katie’s house – and I promptly went home and found the recipe online at The Healthy Chef. It contains just five ingredients and takes just five minutes to prepare, with a little time in the fridge to set before you serve.

OK I’ll admit that it doesn’t taste as good as the real stuff (how could it when the real stuff is packed with sugar?) but if you like chocolate, this is the perfect way to get your sweet fix in just a few mouthfuls. I find it quite rich and a few spoonfuls is enough to satisfy sweet cravings (but if you want to demolish the whole bowl in one sitting, at least you know it’s healthy!)

The best bit is that little people love it – they have no idea they are chomping on banana and avocado (we won’t tell if you don’t). Oh and you can use it as a healthy alternative to icing for cakes too. See, I told you it was genius!

So here’s what you need:


2 Ripe Avocados
1 Ripe Banana
1/4 Cup Honey
1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder (or Raw Cacao Powder to make it even healthier)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract



Cut the avocado and banana into chunks and throw into the blender with all the other ingredients. Whizz until smooth – this took me about 3 minutes on high speed.  Once smooth, move the mousse into a bowl and pop in the fridge for at least an hour to set it. The recipe makes 12 small portions and lasts in the fridge for a couple of days.





photo 1 photo 2

So that’s it – it’s as simple as that! Enjoy – and let me know if you try it!