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1st October 2014

8 Ways To Display Kids’ Artwork

I love it when Stanley gets creative – and whilst some of his masterpieces go straight in the bin  (especially when he’s in the mood for black paint), there are plenty of pieces that we create at home or come back from nursery that I want to display. With limited space in our apartment, however, I don’t really know where or how to hang them up – bar the odd piece stuck to the fridge with a magnet. So I have been busy researching for ideas to make a feature of his artwork and encourage his creativity (and Wilfred’s too, when he’s old enough to grab a crayon).

Here’s some of the ideas I have found (each linked to the blog or website that deserves the credit). Which one will you be trying? I think we’ll go for number 5, as they are so cheap to buy at IKEA (link to UK IKEA above picture – and link to Dubai IKEA here). I do love number 8 too; if only we could afford to have a whole wall of them!

1 – Pinboards for each child


2 – Giant Pictureframe, string, and pegs


3 – Magnetic frames for the fridge (similar found at Habitat for £7 each)


4 – Colourful picture frames with binder clips


5 – Curtain wire and clips (available at IKEA for £10)


6 – Mounted Clipboards on wall 


7 – A wall of photo frames


8 – Kids’ Artwork Frames (My Little Davinci, from £29.99)