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1st September 2014

5 x DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas For Kids

Run out of wrapping paper? Try  one of the ingenious and adorable ideas below…

Links to the blogs and websites that came up with the ideas are below each photo (I wish I could claim the ideas myself, but was too busy browsing the card and gift wrap section of our local department store). In Dubai, where wrapping paper generally costs more than the gift inside, these ideas are going to come in even more useful.

1. Colour Me

What you need: White paper, a set of colouring crayons, sticky tape, and the words ‘Colour Me’ (if you are really stuck, you could just pick the crayons in your child’s set that look the newest and include just two or three).


Found on the Greek blog www.misswebbie.gr

2. Potato Prints

What you need: White paper, watercolour paints, and a potato – I love the idea of turning a craft activity with the kids into something useful.


Found on the blog http://innerchildfun.com

3. Photo Paper

What you need: Brown paper, printed photo, and string. This idea would be great for a grandparent’s gift – choose a picture of the kids (raid the photo frames if you are really stuck and replace them with new prints) and slide it quickly under the string to secure.


Idea found on Etsy.com

4. Road wrap

What you need: Brown paper, black paper, white chalk/pen/tippex, a toy car, and glue/strong tape. This is probably my favourite idea for little boys. Toy cars can be purchased for next to nothing in pound shops and charity shops (or invest in something snazzier as part of the gift). It’s so simple and so effective – and if your house is like mine, there are gazillions of the cars lying around that Stanley wouldn’t miss, so I could prepare it in a last minute panic too.


Found on the Greek blog www.misswebbie.gr

5. Paint splatter

What you need: White paper, watercolour paints, and optional string and bow. This idea is so simple that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. We are always throwing away sheets of  paper boasting colourful messes of paint – so from now on, I’m going to keep them in a stash to wrap up gifts for Stanley and Wilfred’s friends. It looks surprisingly good when you add string and a bow too.


Found on Pinterest

Let me know if you try any out!

30th May 2014

Painting with cars

If your boys are car obsessed, they will love this activity (and it only takes seconds to set up, which means it’s a good one for us too!)

You just need paint, a selection of different cars, and paper. Simple as that.

Stanley loved painting with the cars, rolling the wheels through the paint and creating a pattern of tracks on the paper. It kept him occupied for much longer than I expected and he asked to do it again that afternoon.

I think this task could be even better if we had a garden. I’d lay out a long roll of paper on the lawn (or use a large bit of cardboard if one was hanging around) and line the cars up. I’d also use different colours of paint, so he could crate a crazy pattern of track marks. That’s one to save for the summer when we’re back in the UK!






Some tips:

1) Use water-based, washable paint. Very important if you don’t want your little people and their cars splattered with paint permanently! I used this one from ELC (£1 per bottle, bargain!)

2) Use a flat plate for the paint so the cars can be rolled over easily.

3) Choose different sized cars so the tyre tracks are different widths. This creates the best patterns!

Let me know if you give it a go!