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30th May 2014

Painting with cars

If your boys are car obsessed, they will love this activity (and it only takes seconds to set up, which means it’s a good one for us too!)

You just need paint, a selection of different cars, and paper. Simple as that.

Stanley loved painting with the cars, rolling the wheels through the paint and creating a pattern of tracks on the paper. It kept him occupied for much longer than I expected and he asked to do it again that afternoon.

I think this task could be even better if we had a garden. I’d lay out a long roll of paper on the lawn (or use a large bit of cardboard if one was hanging around) and line the cars up. I’d also use different colours of paint, so he could crate a crazy pattern of track marks. That’s one to save for the summer when we’re back in the UK!






Some tips:

1) Use water-based, washable paint. Very important if you don’t want your little people and their cars splattered with paint permanently! I used this one from ELC (£1 per bottle, bargain!)

2) Use a flat plate for the paint so the cars can be rolled over easily.

3) Choose different sized cars so the tyre tracks are different widths. This creates the best patterns!

Let me know if you give it a go!