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10th August 2014

5 Healthy Recipes for Kids

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The readership of this blog has grown quite a bit since I posted this ditty about having a second child (it’s not the first time time something has ‘gone viral’ in our house, but thankfully there was no need for 3 bottles of Calpol and 12 packs of nappies this time round). So thank you everyone for visiting; you are most welcome in these parts.

As so many of you are new to the blog, I thought it might be nice to recap my favourite 5 x healthy recipes posted recently on the blog – and as the weather isn’t so brilliant today, maybe you could spend some time with the kids in the kitchen instead. Happy cooking.

1 – Frozen Yoghurt Covered Blueberries (click here for recipe)

photo 2

2 – Chocolate Muffins with hidden vegetables (click here for recipe)

photo 3

3 – Healthy Pizza Muffins (click here for recipe)


4 – Easy Pancake Breakfast Muffins (click here for recipe)


5 – Healthy Chocolate Mousse (click here for recipe)


7th June 2014

Frozen yoghurt covered blueberries – a healthy summer snack!

This recipe popped up on my Facebook feed this week and I quickly bookmarked the page as it’s a genius idea for a summer snack! Much healthier than ice-cream but just as refreshing, it couldn’t be easier to prepare – and kids (and their hungry parents) love them!

So here’s what you need:

  • Blueberries
  • Greek Yoghurt (plain or flavoured)
  • Baking Parchment
  • Cocktail stick

photo 1

And here’s what to do:

1) Wash the blueberries

2) Cover a baking tray in a layer of parchment

3) Pop a blueberry on a cocktail stick and dip in greek yoghurt until it’s completely covered. Then lay it on the parchment paper. Repeat until all the blueberries are covered.

4) Put the baking tray in the freezer for an hour

5) Serve to hungry little people – and pop any extras in a freezer bag (and back in the freezer) for next time!



photo 2


photo 3


photo 1 copy


photo 2 copy

Simple huh? Let me know if you try it!