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24th May 2015

Currently Loving – May

May is almost over, so I’ve just made it with my monthly selection – I have no idea why I leave these picks until the last minute every month, but I hope it’s worth it as it’s given me a little longer to try and buy some amazing things throughout May.

So without further ado, here goes…

currently loving

1 – Dumyé

Oh I just love this company and this initiative! Dumyé are a small Dubai based company (but with stockists all over the world) that make the most beautiful organic rag dolls – and for every doll that is sold, one is gifted to an orphan. I’ve got to be honest, the dolls aren’t cheap – but the craft that goes into them is amazing and I think it is the most beautiful way to give to charity. Owned by Sahar Wehbeh, the company is currently in line for a grant so they can expand and help even more children – so please do vote for by clicking here (it’s free and takes 10 seconds). If you live in Dubai, you can find out more and shop here. And if you live in the UK, you can shop at Alex and Alexa by clicking here.

2 – Tell Kiddo

I discovered this cool Swedish kids interior company through Instagram and have fallen a bit in love with their cool toy sacks and monochrome prints. I’m gradually re-decorating the boy’s bedroom and made an order for 3 x prints last week (they ship to the UK and I used my Shop & Ship to get it to Dubai). Check it out for achingly cool bits and pieces for your children’s rooms! www.tellkiddo.com

3 – Slumbersac with feet

We love sleeping bags in our house and used them for the first three years with Stanley, only upgrading to a duvet in the last few weeks – so Wilfred still has a long time to go in them. When I heard about Slumbersac Sleeping Bags with Feet, I thought it was an inspired idea, as we can put him in the bag before bed so he’s cosy and ready to go down – but he can still walk around freely until bedtime. What is clever about the bag is that they are designed to keep feet inside during the night (so no cold feet) but you can pull them through in a second when they want to walk. The UK company ships all over the world, and you can shop online here.

 4 – Barney & Wilf

I have been running a competition with the brilliant company Barney & Wilf on my Facebook page (quick, it finishes tomorrow!) – and I am so impressed with their concept. Instead of collecting stacks of artwork or displaying throughout the house, the company will create beautiful prints with mini versions of your little person’s masterpieces.  Stanley will be saying goodbye to nursery at the end of June (sob) so I have decided to order a print that shows off the artwork he created while he was there. The perfect memento that we will treasure forever! The company ships internationally, so prints can be ordered to the UK or Dubai. www.barneyandwilf.com

5 – Phil & Ted’s Discovery Car Seat

Wilfred has grown out of his baby car seat – so rather than buying a second identical second stage, we decided to upgrade Stanley to something that would last him a good few years. As I am an ambassador for online store Baby Souk, I asked the company to recommend the safest and best seat for the job – and they came back with Phil & Ted’s Discovery. With an extendable headrest and removable car seat harness, it is an ultra safe child car seat that converts from a toddler car seat to a child booster as a toddler grows. It will in fact last Stanley until he is 11 years old – and it’s very slim too, so if you are a mother of three, take note that three of these would fit across a back seat! If you are in the UAE, you can buy at Baby Souk here. If you are in the UK, visit www.philandteds.com for your nearest stockist.

6 – Eat Greek

If you live in Dubai, I have a great date night recommendation of Eat Greek at The Beach. My husband and I love this restaurant for seriously tasty and authentic Greek food – the tzatziki and lamb kebabs are making my mouth water even thinking about them. It’s non-licensed and affordable – and it works really well in the summer months as the interior is so lovely with twinkly fairy lights and low-hanging light bulbs that make the setting both cosy and intimate. I promise you wont be disappointed.www.eatgreekkouzina.com

22nd April 2015

Currently Loving… April

Oh dear, I always like to post my ‘Currently Loving’ posts at the beginning of the month, but life (and a trip back to the UK) got in the way of blogging for a few weeks. Better late than never, though, so here are the things we’ve been loving in the Mum of Boys house recently! I will try harder next month *slaps own wrists*

currently loving april

For everyone (UK and Dubai)

1 – Sago Mini Apps

Wilfred was doing some serious grumbling on our trip back to the UK thanks to the appearance of a random molar tooth (way too soon molar, way too soon). His godmother Katie was giving cuddles to try and calm him, but nothing was working – so she whipped out her phone and revealed an app called Sound Box by Sago Mini. He stopped crying instantly – and within seconds, his brother and friend Raffy joined them, all totally transfixed. I took the hint and downloaded a Sago Mini bundle for our flight back to Dubai yesterday – and believe me, these were well worth the download! I got a package of 4 games called ‘Sago Mini Starter Pack’.

Buy: Sago Mini Starter Pack

2 – Cuddle Dry Towels

I am now an ambassador for the kids store BabySouk.com, which means I will be trying out things every month – and the first item I have reviewed is Cuddle Dry towels. Stanley was sent a bunny towel, complete with floppy ears, and Wilfred was sent the pony, with hair and tail! Aside from the fact they look adorably cute (the towels are like costumes for bathtime!), they are really practical too. They are big enough to keep both the boys very warm after their bath, implausibly soft (even after a wash), and make it really easy to lift babies from bath, hook towels over their head, and carry out the bathroom (without soaking yourself in the process). So top marks for my first Baby Souk item; I am very confident that you will love Cuddle Dry as much as I do!

Buy: BabySouk.com (UAE) and Boots.com (UK)


Back in the mid 2000’s, I got a bit obsessed with dry shampoos – but when I died my hair dark, the streaks of white powder put me off. I didn’t pick up another can until last week, when I spotted COLAB in Superdrug; a new brand of dry shampoo brand co-founded by the blogger A Model Recommends, which promises to be invisible in hair. It’s true – there really are no streaks. And as a busy mum that sometimes just doesn’t have time to wash and blow-dry my hair in the morning, it’s great to have the product on hand. It’s available in the UK at Superdrug (only £2.29 a can!) and will be coming to the UAE very soon!

Buy: Superdrug (UK), stockist to be announced soon in UAE.


4 – Godstone Farm

We have spent a lot of time at Godstone Farm in Surrey over the past year, as it is the perfect middle-way meeting point with my friend Katie. The farm was in the news a few years ago for a hygiene / health scare, but they shut down, made some major improvements, and are back better than ever. I really do love this farm for a day out – there are animals (everything from cows, to chickens, to bunnies, to goats), tractor rides, a dinosaur trail, an indoor soft play, an outdoor car track, a huge sand pit with slides and diggers to push round (great for very little ones), a petting zoo, a café, and lots of lawn / picnic tables to enjoy lunch on. Stanley and Raffy love the place and I always leave looking forward to going back, which has to be a good thing. One to bookmark for summer holidays if you live in the area…

Details: http://godstonefarm.co.uk

5 – Les Enfants

In the midst of organising Stanley’s party last week, I had a dream one night that I hosted the most amazing Frozen-themed party. When people arrived, it started snowing on cue – and then they entered a huge chalet that the events company had constructed in the garden and discovered a roaring fire with marshmallows on sticks to roast. It was a good dream and I woke up wishing I had the funds to hire a party planner to pull it off. Sadly I don’t – but if I did, I’d go straight to Les Enfants, who have worked with royalty and a host of celebrities, including the Beckhams and Elle McPherson. Their parties really are the stuff of dreams – and if you are reading this after winning the lottery, you should get in touch immediately. But if you’re a pauper like me, you can get the look of their amazing events with their sister sites www.littlepartyshop.co.uk and www.littlepartyhire.co.uk


6 – Essentially Juices

Back in March, I went a bit bonkers and decided I was going to a juice cleanse. I failed miserably, but one thing I did discover was how amazing the juices from Esssentially.ae are. I am now hopelessly addicted and can highly recommend ordering online. And yes I know you can make our own (and I do, thanks to my Nutribullet), but there’s something about these juices that makes me feel amazing. Give them a go if you want a health boost – after flushing my system with these juices over the course of three days, I felt so much more energetic and healthy. They taste delicious too.

Order: www.essentially.ae

7 – Atisuto

I’m a bit obsessed with Japanese food, so when I was invited to dine at Atisuto at Galleria Mall (Al Wasl Road, just round the corner from City Walk) with my friend Priya, I jumped at the chance. The food was to-die-for. We filled our plates with tempura, sushi, and an amazing array of veggie dishes – and after eating more than I thought was possible, we left knowing we’d discovered a new dining favourite. Since our evening, I have been told about how family friendly the restaurant is too, with a great kids menu, highchairs, and a fun rubber fish that teaches little ones how to use chopsticks. And to keep them entertained, skilled waiters will teach them the art of origami! I will definitely be heading back soon!

Website: www.atisuto.ae