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7th August 2014

Summer Holiday Shopping Part 2 – Sandals

Living in Dubai, Stanley lives in sandals. I am always hunting for stylish designs that are  supportive for his feet – and with my never-ending hunt, his collection is growing by the day. The second part of my Summer Holiday Shopping series rounds up the best styles I have found for summer – so if you are after a pair of sandals for your little man, take your pick from the selection below.

See you again tomorrow for the last in this series of shopping picks!


1 – Brown Flip-flops, £8.99 (reduced from £12.95), GAP (click here)

2 – Navy and Neon Green Jelly Sandals, £18, Project Jelly at Alex and Alexa (click here)

3 – Yellow and Blue Tropical-print Flip-Flops, £4, M&S (click here)

4 – Black Havianas, £13.99, Office (click here)

5 – Leather Squeaky Sandal Shoes, £19.95, My Little Boots at Not on the Highstreet (click here)

6 – Olive Birkenstocks, £36, Alex and Alexa (click here)

7 – Blue Jelly Shoes, from £6, Next (click here)

8 – Red Spiderman Flip-Flops, from £6, M&S (click here)

9 – Traditional Fisherman Style Sandals, £50, Charley Mouse at Not on the Highstreet (click here)

6th August 2014

Summer Holiday Shopping Part 1 – Polo Shirts

What more does a boy need over the summer holidays than polo shirts, sandals, and swimming shorts? Well OK, a few other things would be handy obviously, but give a boy these three essentials and he can enjoy a season of gardens, beaches, and water play. They’ve got to be stylish of course, so I’ve done the hard work for you and found the best the virtual rails have to offer…

I’m starting with my pick of polo shirts for little boys – and I will follow over the next few days with sandals and swimming shorts. Happy shopping – and see you again tomorrow!


1 – Blue & White Striped Polo, £30, Ben & Lola at Not on the Highstreet (click here)

2 – Blue Colourblock Polo, from £10, Next (click here)

3 – Navy Polo Shirt with Logo, £14.50, Joules at John Lewis (click here)

4 – Rugby Stripe Polo, £5.99 (reduced from £10.95), GAP (click here)

5 – Spotty Polo, from £10, Next (click here)

6 – Block Striped Polo, from £17, Ted Baker at Debenhams (click here)

7 – Mint Polo, £70, Vilebrequin at Alex & Alexa (click here)

8 – Striped Polo Shirt, from £8, Bhs (click here)

9 – Navy Polo with A Motif, £5.99 (reduced from £10.99), Zara (click here)