12th April 2016

Stanley’s 4th Birthday Party at Kids HQ

12992778_10156833067165607_1383427204_nI had grand plans for Stanley’s birthday party this year. I wanted to give him an old-school children’s party in a decorated hall, complete with jelly and ice cream, pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, and homemade bunting. It was going to be beautiful.

And then I woke up and realised I am exhausted from growing a baby, working every hour under the sun, and of course being a mum of two – so I started looking around for easier options.

Kids HQ appealed on several levels. Firstly, because there is lots of space and I didn’t want the party to be cramped (Stanley is now at school and we wanted to invite his whole class). Secondly, because there is a comfortable coffee shop on site for adults to hang out while the kids have fun (let’s be honest, we need coffee and we need a seat on a Saturday morning). And lastly, because the boys love the play area and I’d heard very good things about the parties.

So it was decided – and I booked his party for a Saturday morning 10-12pm and our amazing party organiser Amna got in touch within days to ask me to choose a theme. Stanley was given a long list of options including minions, superheroes, and cars – but he isn’t really into any of those things and asked for a rainbow theme (which melted my heart a bit). Amna sweetly agreed to accommodate his request, so that was decided. I gave her a vague idea of numbers (between 20 and 25 was my guess) and we also chose the food option (chicken nuggets and chips for my nugget-obsessed boy).


Other than that, there was very little organisation involved. I needed to order a cake and wanted to do my own party bags (although Kids HQ take care of this too, so we added the two together).  I made an order through my favourite decoration site Party Camel for both the cake topper and party bags/contents – and I ordered the cake from Hummingbird Bakery (vanilla frosting and sprinkles, with a rainbow striped cake inside). The cake was a very reasonable 250 AED for the largest size, which was delivered to my door.

A few days before the party, I confirmed the numbers. When the big day arrived, we arrived at Kids HQ with a very excited Stanley – and he was treated like a star from the moment he walked inside! We were so impressed with the staff – and all the kids had an absolute blast for the two hours of the party (one hour playing outside in the jungle gym and one hour playing games / eating). The rainbow room was so beautifully decorated that I actually felt a bit teary at the effort they’d made (alas, he did get homemade bunting after all, even if it wasn’t made by my fair hand).

I barely had to lift a finger, which is exactly what I needed when seriously lacking in time and energy – but yet he had the best morning and will still be talking about it for months to come I think (although he is already planning his 5th birthday party, so there we go..!)

So that’s enough words – and now for the pictures! Thank you so much for everyone that came to Stanley’s party and all his amazing gifts – and most of all, thank you to Kids HQ for making his day so special. If you are looking for a party venue, I highly, highly recommend it!

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