27th April 2016

Pregnancy Update: 20 weeks

13081821_10156887587675607_214596333_nHow many weeks? I am 20 weeks and 2 days – half way through already! The first trimester  dragged, but now we’re into the second the weeks are just flying by. It seems crazy that my last doctors appointment (when we found out the gender) was 4 weeks ago now. Being busy with two little boys gives me so much less time to focus on the pregnancy – and this is good in some ways, but sad in others. I’m pretty sure this will be my last pregnancy so I want to enjoy it – but equally, I can’t wait to meet her so want the time to whizz by!

How big is the baby? As big as a mango. This is disappointing to Stanley as I misread the app last week and skipped ahead a week. To be a mango two weeks in a row is a big let down to a 4-year-old.

And the bump? As is always the way with pregnancy, I feel a lot bigger than comes across in photos. I feel like this bump has suddenly popped and my posture has adjusted to that ‘leaning backwards’ style of walking.

And the kicks? Much stronger and more frequent. I still have days when I haven’t felt her for a while and wonder if all is OK, but generally don’t go a few hours without feeling a thump or a kick.

When is the next scan? On Saturday! It should be tomorrow, but I booked a few days later as Stanley really wants to come and see the baby. I am slightly concerned that he thinks he is actually going to meet a baby and not just see a grainy black and white picture – but it’s sweet that he wants to be involved. It will also be the first scan my husband has attended too (poor neglected third child) so I like the idea of it being a real family event. In reality, my husband will be chasing Wilfred around a small room while Stanley asks the doctor awkward questions – but hey, we’ll try.

What kind of awkward questions? Stanley has become fascinated with a) how the baby got there in the first place and b) how on earth the baby is going to get out again in September. Today he asked me if I would eventually just pop? I think he might be on to something there, as I feel ginormous already. I usually just reply to a) with ‘I don’t know, it’s magic!’ and b) with ‘Don’t worry, the doctor will take the baby out and everything will be fine’. Hopefully this is enough for him for now at least…

Any more shopping? I’m half expecting my doctor on Saturday to suddenly spot boy parts and announce the whole girl thing was all a big mistake – so I didn’t dare buy anything else since I was first told the gender and bought a couple of things the next morning. My boys clothes aren’t going anywhere either until it’s been confirmed at least once more!

Have you picked the name? I think so (with a long list of back-ups) – but we’ll be keeping it a secret until she’s born just in case we change our mind or it is used by friends before us.

Any cravings? Not really. I occasionally get a craving for crumpets with butter and marmite (which I can’t find in Dubai). And I constantly crave a nice glass of chilled white wine in the evening, but I guess it isn’t toooo long to wait now (in the whole grand scheme of things, at least).

How do you feel? I went down with the lurgy last week, with a horrible cough and sinus infection (oh how I long for strong painkillers and cold drugs!) so that wasn’t fun. But I am pleased to say that the nausea is pretty much gone now and although I’m tired and try to kip every lunchtime while Wilfred is asleep and Stanley is having ‘quiet time’, I feel like I have a bit more energy that I did a few weeks ago. I am definitely getting achier in the hips and got my familiar pregnancy stitch (bottom right side) while walking yesterday, so I don’t think it’ll be long before I’m in my support belt (oh the glamour).

Next pregnancy update in a couple of weeks!