13th April 2016

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks

13020634_10156836935155607_1570821002_nHow many weeks? 18 weeks and 2 days now. Time dragged in the first trimester so much, but it’s really starting to whizz by now. I find it hard to believe that I’ll be at the halfway point next time I post an update.

How big is the baby? A dragon fruit now! I find this hard to visualise as it’s not a fruit I generally have lying around the fruit bowl – but I will seek one out when I am next in the supermarket! Stanley has started asking me the size of the baby every week and I’ve found the fruit analogy the easiest way to explain it to him – but he is truly baffled by the dragon fruit and I think he is now imagining his sister as a mini dragon…

And the bump? I feel like it’s popped these last few weeks and I am now mainly wearing maternity wear. It seems a lot higher. I am starting to find it difficult to get comfy at night, so asked my husband to grab my maternity pillow from the top of the wardrobe, but alas it had decided to grow mould over the past few years (thanks to those humid Dubai summers) – so I was straight on Mumzworld.com to order a new one!

How do you feel? Praise be, I think I am finally starting to feel better. I still feel nauseous first thing in the morning until I eat something – but after that, I just need to remember to eat regularly (something every few hours throughout the day) and I no longer feel sick. I am still waiting for that second trimester energy surge though – I am so tired, I could stay in bed 24 hours a day if I was allowed to. I’ve had my iron levels checked now and everything is fine with the giant horse pills I am taking, so I can’t even blame it on anemia. I so wish Stanley still napped so I could climb into bed every lunchtime, but alas he is a ball of energy when we get back from school. I have managed the odd kip on the sofa while he’s watching TV, but that’s about it. Other than that, I am starting to get an aching back and my old pregnancy friend sciatica is showing signs of reappearing. Hoping I can get a little further along before I need to book in to see my osteopath.

Does she have a name? We have a top contender, but definitely not decided yet. We picked Stanley and Wilfred’s names by 20 weeks and I loved knowing who they were for the second half of pregnancy – but I just can’t see that happening this time, as there are just too many names I like. I think you can be more creative with girls’ names, which means there are too many options. I quite like the idea of waiting until she arrives and seeing what she suits, but I usually like to  announce a birth with a name. We will have to see – but either way, I’ll definitely be keeping that a secret until she arrives.

Any more shopping? No I don’t dare!  I am still half expecting to be told she has turned into a boy at my next scan in a few weeks, so will wait until we get another confirmation that it’s definitely a girl. Then I’ll sort through my boxes to find the things that can be gender neutral – and work out what we need. I think sleepsuits and blankets will be top of my wish list, as I did go a bit blue-crazy the last few times! She can wear these things of course, but I would like some girly bits to mix it up.

Cravings? Crunchy nut cornflakes drowned in milk! Can’t get enough of them. Also back to my original craving that I’ve had through all three pregnancies of sparkling water with lots of ice (weird but true).

Anything else? Three of our closest friends have had babies in the last few weeks (welcome to the world Cecilia, Beatrice and Oliver!) This has made me even more excited about September, but it just seems so far away still! Cecilia is right here in Dubai and I am hoping for cuddles this afternoon. Hopefully Wilfred takes it better now than he did a year ago, when he nearly smashed up a living room when he saw me with a newborn. Here’s hoping anyway… There’s a reason Wilf always appears as Wild when I type it into predictive text…