31st March 2016

Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

12921099_10156781679180607_640425439_nHow many weeks? I’m 16 Weeks and 3 Days. Still feeling sick, which I know is getting boring now, but I really don’t think it’s going to  ever disappear (sob).

How big is the baby? Baby is now the size of an avocado. I can feel regular movement, especially over the last few days. This is hard to explain and probably sounds bizarre, but I’m still not sure I like the sensation when you first start feeling the baby. Coupled with the nausea, I’m just not really enjoying it yet. I do love feeling the baby when kicks are more pronounced, so can’t wait for them to step up a gear.

And the bump? After a growth spurt between weeks 12 and 14, I don’t think my bump has changed much in the last few weeks. It’s that classic pregnancy thing of not really showing in the morning and then growing to a 6-month bump by bedtime! Having said that, my husband laughs at me every morning when I safety pin my vest to my underwear so it doesn’t pop up (I hate a bare bump under clothes). Maybe it’s time to invest in some maternity vests…

Do you know the gender? Well no – the gender is written down on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope. I am supposed to be opening it with my husband tonight – but it’s 8pm and he’s still at his desk at work, with no sign of leaving any time soon. I’ve ordered a pizza and am watching rubbish on TV to distract myself. I want to know – but I am also scared to know. I want it to be both genders, if that makes any sense! I love baby boys, but I’d love to see what it’s like with a baby girl too. We’ll open at some point, share with friends and family, and then I’ll work out a way to tell you the news over the next few days! Sorry I can’t share now (husbands, who’d have them?)

Any symptoms? Apart from sickness, the main one is extreme tiredness. The boys have been brilliant as their Mummy is officially a couch potato at the moment. I had blood taken today to check my iron levels, which always dip crazily low in pregnancy. There was talk of ‘iron infusions’ which sounds pretty brutal, but Ill cross that bridge if we get there.

Anything else? My friend George is due to give birth to her number three baby any day now (well she was due a week ago, actually) and we are all getting very excited. Both of us spent quite a lot of time at the doctors today – and it’s reminded me about those exciting days just before the baby arrives.  I’ve also been eyeing up some lovely products from an online baby store here in Dubai called Mumzworld.com and I’m going to put the orders in soon to get the shopping started on what we need for this baby – nothing huge, but I do like the sound of a bedside cot this time (I enjoy co-sleeping, but worry with a newborn) and need a few things that broke last time round, like my breast pump and digital monitor.

That’s all for now – and gender reveal coming soon (if my husband ever gets home from work, that is!)