17th March 2016

Pregnancy Update: 14 weeks

12527876_10156698108425607_1359576450_nHow many weeks? I’m now 14 weeks and 1 day – and still feeling sick! I think it’s tailed off slightly in the afternoon and evening, but the morning is just as bad. I’m starting to worry it’s never going to stop and this is what I’m going to have to deal with the whole pregnancy. I know a lot of ladies have it worse and I shouldn’t complain, but it’s hard when you have to leave for the school run at 7.15am!

How big is the baby? The size of a lemon! I’ve started to feel flutters, which I did with Wilfred in Week 14 too. Not consistently, but when I sit down and have a quiet moment, the baby flutters away. I’m not sure I like the feeling much at this stage, but it’s definitely reassuring.

And the bump? I’m definitely showing earlier this time, but I guess that’s because my body knows what it’s doing and has already stretched twice. I’ve started using Bio Oil again day and night (it’s seen me through two pregnancies and no stretch marks yet) and started to pull out my maternity wardrobe (and made a first order from amazing Dubai-based maternity company Blush and Bloom.

When is the next appointment? I have an appointment in a fortnight, which I’m hoping will also be the day we find out the gender. I am still having very mixed feelings about this. I can’t imagine being told ‘it’s a girl’, where as ‘it’s a boy’ is very familiar territory, so this is what I am fully expecting to hear. I’d still choose a girl if we had that luxury, but I can clearly visualise my future with three boys and it kind of seems right. I may feel a smidgen of disappointment at the scan but I’d get my head around it very quickly (a quick delve in my box of blue newborn outfits should sort that out in a matter of seconds!)

Any name ideas? I’ll keep it a secret, but we have a boy name fully sorted – and a few girl names we also like. I don’t want to make the mistake of thinking too much about the girl names unless I need to – I made that mistake the first two times and it was wasted brain power!

Cravings? Not really cravings, but I can’t get enough of juices and smoothies at the moment. Also wishing I could eat all the things I’m not allowed to. And still hating the taste of meat unless it’s smothered in sauce.

Any other symptoms? I was very anemic in my last pregnancy, so have been on strong supplements from the beginning, but I can still feel my levels are dropping as I have heart palpitations after eating and my tongue is showing the signs (gross). These are both signs of plummeting levels of iron for me. I’m going to ask for a blood test at my next appointment so we can come up with a plan, as I feel totally wiped out in the afternoons and evenings (this is why I haven’t been blogging much, as I am usually like a nodding dog on the sofa by 8pm).

I’m planning to update you on my pregnancy weekly or fortnightly, as long as you are interested – so let me know if you like the updates and I will keep taking pictures of the bump and sharing all the news!