7th March 2016

Pregnancy Update: 12 Weeks

12596280_10156645920525607_434445440_n-1This is the first time I’ve blogged about pregnancy, as Wilfred was already 5 months old when I started this blog. I don’t know how often I’ll post these updates, but I’ll see whether anyone is interested and plan the next one accordingly.

To start, I’m going to answer a few questions that people have asked since I’ve shared the news we are expecting number three – including everyone’s favourite question: “will you change the name of your blog if it’s a girl?’

How many weeks are you?

I’m turning 13 weeks tomorrow and I still feel sick as a dog if I don’t fill myself with carbs every hour (at least!) I had no morning sickness with Stanley at all and I had very little with Wilfred, so it’s been a huge shock. I have a lot of food aversions. Eggs – yuck. Chicken – bleurgh.  Avocado – can’t even think about it. But I’m lucky that I never actually vomit and I know a lot of pregnant ladies have it far worse.

How big is the baby?

A large plum apparently – and my bump is growing at a quite alarming rate. I’m already wearing a few of my maternity clothes and considering getting the pregnancy pillow out of storage. It’s going to be a long six months ahead!

What will the age gaps be?

Between Stanley and Wilfred is 21 months. I knew I couldn’t do that again as it was hard going to essentially have two babies in the house. The gap between Wilfred and this baby will be exactly a year bigger at 2 years and 9 months, which I hope will be more manageable. Stanley is so excited about the baby, which is so lovely as last time he had absolutely no idea. He says there is no need to buy a bigger car as he will just hold the baby! He’s quite a sweet, sensitive little boy, who loves nothing more than to please – so I am expecting him to be helpful when baby arrives. Wilfred, however, has been in training for ‘classic middle child’ since the day he was born (and I say that as a ‘classic middle child’ myself). I don’t think it will be plain sailing – but maybe I’ll be surprised!

Will you find out the sex?

Yes, we found out with both our boys and we plan to find out again at the next scan (16 weeks) – as long as the baby plays along and lies in the right position. As much as I love the idea of finding out the sex at the birth, I’m a planner and probably a bit of a control freak, so I need to know what I’m having so we’re prepared. I also love naming the baby while I’m still pregnant, which (for me) really helps me to bond. I was told with Wilfred at 12 weeks, but my obstetrician couldn’t tell at my scan last week. So three more weeks to wait until we know whether to buy pink or get the blue out of storage!

Do you want a girl or a boy?

I always wanted boys – but I have two now and given the choice, I’d probably opt for pink this time to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence! Of course I’ve always wondered what my little girl would look like – and I’d love to have a daughter for the future especially.

I do, however, have very mixed feelings on this one as I just have a thing for baby boys! They are so delicious and I would be sad not to see another newborn in all the gorgeous baby boy outfits the other two have worn. It also feels less scary to bring another boy home. We’ve done it before and I know we could do it again!

I’m a true believer that we get the children that best fit our family unit – and I’m happy to leave that in Mother Nature’s hands. Whatever we find out at our next scan, I will be one lucky Mummy if the baby is safe and healthy.

Will you change the name of your blog if it’s a girl?

If I had a pound/dirham for every time I’ve been asked this question, I’d be bathing in champagne (not drinking it though, obvs).

At first, I didn’t think I would – as I am still Mum of Boys and always will be. But then I imagined how that girl might feel as she grew up and realised I’d need to acknowledge her too.

So yes, I’d change it – but it would just be a few added words to keep it very similar – and until I know whether it’s pink or blue, I won’t bother giving it much more thought.

That’s all for this update – but I will definitely blog another update soon!