19th September 2014

My pick of LEGO gifts…

Do your boys love LEGO? Until I started to research this post, I didn’t know quite how much was out there for LEGO-mad kids. From headlights, to birthday invitations, to ice cube trays in the shape of little LEGO men, there’s a gazillion things out there beyond the bricks themselves.

So here’s my favourite LEGO themed gifts – and if your child loves to build, why not bookmark this page for his birthday or Christmas?

lego 1

lego 2

1 – LEGO Ideas Book, £8.50, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

2 – Building Block Birthday Invitations, £4 each, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

3 – Banksy-inspired LEGO Print, $95 (£57), The Brick Fantastic (click here to buy)

4 – LEGO Storage Head, £15.17, John Lewis (click here to buy)

5 – LEGO Movie, £10, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

6 – LEGO Drinking Bottle, £10.03, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

7 – Superhero LEGO Pyjamas, £30, Stardust Kids (click here to buy)

8 – LEGO T-Shirt, from £10, Next (click here to buy)

9 – LEGO Man Ice, Chocolate, and Jelly Tray, £8.86, Etsy (click here to buy)

10 – LEGO Superman Clock, £17.49, John Lewis (click here to buy)

11 – LEGO Slippers, £22.18, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

12 – LEGO Batman Watch, £15.99, Argos (click here to buy)

13 – LEGO Lights Torch, £12, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

14 – LEGO Juniors Construction Site, £14.99, John Lewis (click here to buy)

15 – LEGO Art Carousel, £20, Debenhams (click here to buy)

16 – LEGO Architecture London Big Ben, £24.99, Toys R Us (click here to buy)

17 – LEGO Star Wars Keyring, £6.99, John Lewis (click here to buy)

18 – Building Blocks Inspired Personalised Pencil Case, £14, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

19 – LEGO Head Torch, £9.04 each, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

20 – LEGO Star Wars Bedding Set, £24.99, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

21 – LEGO Character Encyclopedia, £13, Kiddiecare (click here to buy)

22 – Long-sleeve LEGO T-Shirt, £23, Zalando (click here to buy)

23 – LEGO Storage Box, £30, Debenhams (click here to buy)