30th December 2015

My New Year’s Resolutions, by Wilfred aged nearly 2…

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 19.49.37This year, I promise;

1) To listen to Mummy and Daddy. Especially when they shout loud words in the car and when they are whispering about the new hiding place for the biscuits.

2) To play in my room to give Mummy and Daddy a little break. Especially at 3am.

3) To share with my brother. Unless it’s the iPad, Mummy’s phone, anything edible, my yellow car, my red car, his colouring set, his new magnifying glass, the book he wants to read, my buggy, or Granny’s lap.

4) To stop picking my nose. Unless there is absolutely, definitely something up there.

5) To be happy at nursery drop-off. Unless I’m tired, feel a bit grumpy, there are too many clouds in the sky, I am wearing the wrong colour jumper, another child is playing with my favourite blue car, or I’ve got a speck of breakfast on my shorts.

6) To allow Mummy and Daddy to brush my teeth. For at least 5 seconds.

7) To tidy up all my toys after playing with them. So I’ve got more space to empty my entire toy box onto the floor and get a good look at what I want to play with next.

8) To try not to have tantrums. Unless I’m told I’m not allowed to eat a chocolate biscuit at 5am, can’t wear my swimming goggles to nursery, or can’t attempt to drag a giant watermelon around a supermarket single-handed.

9) To say please and thank you. Unless I momentarily forget what the words are, when I will do cute eyes instead and make a run for it.

10) To sleep a bit later in the morning. Unless it is the weekend, because everyone likes those days the best.

11) To eat my vegetables. Unless they are green, orange, brown, purple, white or yellow.

12) To get dressed without a struggle. Unless it is the morning or in the evening, when I reserve the right to run in the opposite direction screaming.