2nd February 2018

Mabel Tries: Annabel Karmel Chilled Toddler Meals and Finger Foods

Before I had children, I always thought I’d be the mum that prepared three meals a day from scratch. I’d only use fresh, organic ingredients (locally sourced, obvs) and I’d sit down in my floral pinny and watch them gobble up my creations with smiles on their little faces.

And then, I actually had children – and things weren’t quite what I’d imagined.

Meals were usually prepared with at least one child clinging to my legs shouting ‘MAMA MAMA MAMA!’ whilst the other two were having a full-blown fight in the living room over who gets to hold the TV remote. And when I finally managed to knock something edible up and dish up onto three plates, at least one of the would declare that they weren’t hungry – which then resulted in a stand-off that lasted up to an hour and often resulted in tears (usually mine).

So do you know what I did? I started relying on convenience food more and more. I just didn’t have the energy or time to do that 7 times a week. But as easy as feeding them fish fingers and pizzas a couple of times a week was, I always got an attack of the mum guilt that they weren’t getting enough nutrients and veggies in their little bodies.

So when the team at Annabel Karmel asked me if I’d like to try their range of Chilled Toddler Meals – with delicious sounding dishes like ‘Lovely Beef Lasagna’, ‘Mild Chicken Tikka and Rice’ and ‘Tasty Spaghetti and Meatballs’ – I jumped at the chance. Because not only can these individual meals be stored in the freezer and prepared in a matter of minutes, they also contain all the good stuff that I was worried they weren’t getting when I donned that floral pinny and chucked a pizza in the oven. Each meal contains up to 3 of their 5 a day, low in salt, with no artificial additives or preservatives – and most importantly, taste very, very yummy (and we can take Mabel’s word for that).

For the five days, we’ve been trialling a different meal every evening – and here is what was on the menu for Mabel…

Day 1 – Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta with Hidden Veggies

Day 2 – Mild Chicken Tikka and Rice

Day 3 – Mighty Meaty Bites

Day 4 – Lovely Beef Lasagna

Day 5 – Beef Cottage Pie with Five Veggies

Without exception, she gobbled up every single one. In fact, the curry was so popular that the boys got jealous and wanted a quick taste – and then Wilfred was so miffed that he didn’t have his own portion that I had to promise to buy him a meal the next day, which he didn’t forget! The meals are so easy to make, literally taking a few minutes from chilled or 5 minutes from frozen. And I love the Mighty Meaty Bites too, as they can be popped on an oven tray and either given as a warm meal for dinner or as party of a snacky tray for lunch or a snack. On that evening, there were enough for the boys to have it for dinner too – and one pack fed all three of them, with a few other bits on their tray like cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes.

How much do they cost?

Currently only £2.30 at Tesco per meal, which I think is such a bargain. You can buy them in bulk and store them in your freezer too, which means you always have a healthy meal to hand when you are rushed or just don’t have the energy to don that floral pinny.

Highly recommended by Mabel – and most importantly, by me!

You can find out more at the Annabel Karmel website here – https://www.annabelkarmel.com/products/chilled-toddler-meals/

Post sponsored by Annabel Karmel