28th April 2019

Life is better when it’s reliable

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There are lots of things that need to be reliable to keep life ticking on smoothly, especially in our house. My husband remembering our anniversary… The washing machine not giving up half-way through a load… The car starting on frosty mornings… The babysitter turning up at the time she promises… I could go on!

And the internet. Honestly, that one is probably right up there at the top of the list of things that need to be reliable for me. If it goes down, or slows down, or buffers frequently, or fails to connect, or is even just a bit hit and miss, I can’t get my work done. Or my workouts done. Or my messages sent. Or my phone calls connected. Or my kids entertained while I try and cook the dinner! And if my husband can’t connect to the office when he gets home from work, that won’t be good news.

That is exactly why we are trialling TalkTalk’s Fibre Broadband – and I wanted to tell you about what reliability means to me.

TalkTalk’s new Wi-Fi Hub offers customers its most reliable Wi-Fi signal yet– and believe me, we’ve been through a few.

In fact, it’s smart enough that it can tell which phones or laptops need more signal and will send the internet that way. The kids love playing with this – my eldest has been studying black holes at school, so they’ve been running around the house trying to find a ‘black hole’ where the internet can’t find them. So far, they’ve had absolutely no luck!

Clever stuff. And reliable stuff. And that is exactly why I trust TalkTalk.

To find out more about TalkTalk’s reliable Fibre Broadband, visit www.talktalk.co.uk/shop/broadband/fibre