20th October 2014

Possibly The Best App Of All Time – ArtKive App

I recently wrote a post about displaying kids artwork here – and whilst they are good ideas, I have found something even better… And seriously, I think this is my favourite App of all time.

ArtKive is an app that allows you to photograph your child’s artwork, upload it into albums, label it with their age or school year, and keep it filed away forever. There is also the option to create photo books of the artwork, so you can document it in physical form too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 13.10.11

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love creating art with Stanley – and I love receiving it home from nursery. But with the rate he creates it, I could never possibly display it all. I find it impossible to throw it away though – screwing up something your child has created and throwing it in the bin just feels wrong. But now I can do it without a heavy heart, as I know they are safe forever in the virtual world.

view2-f6df3330ff8f5d3282f2d961f8f1702aSo here’s how it works:

1. Log into the app (you’ll be given an option to set up a username and password the first time you log in).

2. Photograph the artwork or upload from your camera roll.

3. Tag the photo with child’s name, age, date and title (you can create profiles for each of your children).

4. Share with family and friends by clicking the ‘share’ button – or create into books or prints

I think it’s ingenious!

OK, so now the bad news. This app costs £2.99, but do you know what, some apps are worth the money. And for the same price as a takeaway coffee, I think it’s well worth the spend.

I’ve been busy uploading Stanley’s artwork since I downloaded last night. And it’s the first time I’ve looked at the piles on the shelf in his nursery for a long time, so that’s got to be a good thing. And since then, I’ve logged in several times to look at it. So in reality, I’m enjoying his artwork a lot more than when it was on a shelf.

photo 3photo 1-2

You can find it at the App Store to buy and download here. Happy archiving!