7th April 2016

How does it feel to know we’re going to have a little girl?

12920918_10156790562490607_571516257_nNo pregnancy update this week, as I’ve decided to post them every fortnight so that regular readers who have no interest in my bump don’t get bored (and honestly, I don’t blame you!)

So I thought I’d write a post addressing my feelings on having a little girl in five months time, since we found out a week ago today.

First thing first; I am just relieved that everything looks healthy with the baby. I haven’t had my 20-week scan yet, where they look in minute detail at the baby’s organs – but my obstetrician did take a quick look (as I guess he does as every appointment) and baby is looking healthy thus far. That was a huge relief as the long 4 weeks between appointments is enough time for it to play on your mind that something may be wrong.

Finding out that we are 99% likely to be having a little girl in September later that night, however, still seems a bit surreal!

I was open about the fact that I would probably choose a little girl (if mother nature was kind enough to let us choose) – but that didn’t mean I was expecting it. At all! In fact, I was fully expecting to hear that it was another little boy. I have always imagined my future surrounded by boys and could visualise how the three of them would look together. We’d chosen a boy’s name and even a middle name – and all our baby boy clothes are stored neatly in boxes with the ages on post-it notes on the front.

If I’m honest, I’m still not willing to fully believe that it’s a girl until I’ve had it confirmed again at the next scan. I felt confident enough to do a gender reveal on the blog last week as my obstetrician obviously felt confident enough to put it in an envelope – but the 1% chance he might not have spotted boys’ bits is enough for me to feel cautious! I opened the wardrobe the other day to look at the boy’s clothes (wondering how much I’d bought in gender neutral colours!), but definitely won’t be sorting or rehoming them until we have at least a couple more confirmations. It’d make a great story for this blog if we do suddenly find out he made a mistake!

But if it is a girl? I’m nervous, but very excited to add her to my brood. I can’t wait to start shopping and have already got name ideas whizzing around my head (although it seems there’s too much choice to ever agree on a name, but we’ll have fun trying).

My boys – especially Stanley – are delighted. Stanley says ‘we’ve got too many boys already’ and I was kind of dreading breaking the news if the baby was another blue one. He was so happy and has already named her (not a bad suggestion actually, so we will see…)

The news has also eased my fear a little of my boy’s lovely brotherly relationship being effected (which I know is utterly ridiculous, as she will still bond with her brothers and everything will change, of course). But I guess we have these barmy fears when we are expecting another little person.

So to sum it up – I am delighted, but finding it hard to believe. I have five months to get my head around it though – and I know that when September rolls around, I’ll be bursting with excitement to meet her (and then stop in my tracks when I have to change the first nappy!)