15th May 2014


My name is Louise and I am mum to two boys – Stanley, born 11th April 2012 and Wilfred, born 29th January 2014. Ever since I became a mum to boys, I have searched endlessly for inspiration to entertain them, to dress them, and to spoil them. I decided to start this blog after a lot of frustration when browsing parenting websites and being bombarded with ideas for girls, especially on the fashion and shopping front. It’s harder work to find cute, stylish things for things for boys, but they do exist – and I hereby make it my mission to find and share them with you.

Of course if you have girls, lots of the posts will be relevant to you too and I’d love you to keep reading!

So who am I? I live in Dubai , United Arab Emirates, with my husband Charlie and two boys. I’m aware that the readers of this blog will mainly be in the UK, so I will be listing everything in pounds and making sure that things are available back in Blighty – but I’m hoping you will be interested in what I get up to with my family too, so I will share our adventures in the UAE and on our trips back to the UK and overseas. I also hope to consult parenting experts for advice and ideas (and I definitely need it sometimes with two boisterous boys on my hands and I’m sure it will be helpful for you too).




I’m a beauty, lifestyle, and kids journalist by trade. I work for a number of magazines and newspapers in the UK and UAE and have two other websites – www.the-beauty-pages.com (UK) and www.dubai-beauty-pages.com (UAE). I also love social media, especially Instagram – if that’s your thing, you can follow me at @louisebeautypages.

I also want to say a big thank you to my friend Billy for building this blog and my friend Kate for her amazing design skills (@kittysarj on Instagram). The banner at the top is thanks to her!

I hope you enjoy Mum of Boys and look forward to hearing from you very soon.