5th January 2015

Goodbye UK, See You Again Soon!

We have had a lovely three weeks back in the UK, but the time has come to fly back to Dubai for another stint in the desert. Being back in the cold, with such a festive feel in the air, was just what we all needed to have a break from the big city – and seeing so many friends and family made it one of the best trips home we have ever had.

I feel a bit heavy hearted about our flight back to Dubai in the morning as I hate goodbyes – but I love Dubai and I am very happy with our life there, so I know my spirits will pick up the minute we see the bright city lights as we travel home in the taxi. I am very excited about 2015. I have grand plans for the year ahead (watch this space) and I can’t wait to see Wilfred grow into a toddler and Stanley grow into a little boy over the next 12 months. We also have a first birthday (gulp) in 3 weeks to plan and look forward to.

I could write an epic blog post telling you about all the things we did on our trip home, but I think you’d get very bored – so instead, here is our trip home in a quick film.

See you again soon UK – we are already counting down the days until we see you again.