4th June 2015

Flying with Small Children Part 2 – How To Entertain Them

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 22.10.16After Part 1 earlier in the week discussing how to pack hand luggage, I thought I’d write a post with ideas for how to entertain your children for (what seems like) endless hours sat still.

For older babies and toddlers like Wilfred (up to 2 years), I have a rule to pack one treat for every hour of the flight. Don’t expect a full hour of entertainment from each activity – but spacing the gifts out like that keeps things fun and fresh.

For older children like Stanley (2+), I prefer to hand over their bag so they can help themselves throughout the flight. He has his own seat, so he has the space to get creative. He is also old enough to navigate his way through the entertainment system or play games on the iPad – so I don’t really need to pack more than 3 or 4 extra activities for him now he’s a bit older, along with lots of snacks.

So when it comes to babies and toddlers, here are some ideas…


Magnetic Scribblers
Chunky Crayons
Colouring Book
Small Wind Up Toys
Flash Cards
Water Pen and Book
Changing Colour Ball/Toy
Small Cars
Books with flaps / interactive elements
Apps for the iPad, including Sago Mini, Nighty Night, and Fairy Tales

And for small children…


Magnetic Scribblers
Sticker Books
Magazines for TV Shows they enjoy
Drawing/Writing Activity Books with Dry Wipe Pens
Water Pen and Book
Crayons and story book colouring book
Their own headphones
Apps for the iPad including My PlayHome, CBeebies Playtime, Busy Shapes, and Tally Tots

I hope these ideas help if you are flying soon with your brood. I’ll be posting Part 3 in the next few days, with ideas for snacks to take on board and general tips for flying (such as taking milk through security and how to get small people to sit still for so many hours!)