12th September 2015

Family Update: Back in Dubai

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1 – It was like an oven when we arrived back in Dubai a fortnight ago. This is my 5th year living in Dubai, but it was hotter than I ever remembered it. In fact, it felt exactly like we’d stuck our head in an oven when we got out the car. But a week later and the temperature seems to be dropping. We even went to the beach this morning for a couple of hours, which we haven’t been able to do since May (and we didn’t go to one single soft play area this weekend, shock horror!). I expect the temperature to ramp up again (as it doesn’t really cool down until late October), but it’s been a nice break in the sweaty temperatures and given us a little taster of what we can look forward to later in the year!

2 – I finally get why a lot of mums look forward to ‘a rest’ in the school holidays! We are only 2 weeks into the new school and nursery term – and I have spent most of my time in the car, driving to and from school and nursery, stuck in epic traffic jams, and trying to find car parking spaces. It’s been exhausting – and I’m not even the one having to get used to a new class, a new teacher, or (in Wilfred’s case), a whole new experience entirely, so I can only imagine how the boys feel… We will get used to it soon, but being in the car at 7.20am hasn’t been the easiest task every morning! I even had to drag Stanley out of bed at 6.30am for the first time in his life, which was like a flash-forward to the teenage years!

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3 – Talking of the school run, Stanley spotted some skydivers in the air on our way to school on Thursday (one of those surreal ‘only in Dubai’ moments).  He tells me that he isn’t old enough to do it yet, but that he will be doing it when he is six.

4 – While I was sat at nursery one morning, waiting outside the classroom for an hour to make sure Wilfred settled, I got talking to three other mums doing the same. One Brit (me!), one American, one Indian, and one Canadian mother, all equally anxious about how our children were doing. We got talking and had a fascinating conversation about what our children ate for breakfast in the morning and generally how life differed to our home countries here in Dubai. At a time when I was missing family and friends back home, it reaffirmed why I love bringing up my boys in this country. I love the fact that their classmates come from all over the world and they see no difference in skin colour, religion, or culture – everyone is the same in their eyes and I love that!

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5 – My sister is here at the moment, staying for the weekend before she attends a work conference next week. The boys have absolutely loved it – and it’s been the perfect distraction from school and nursery for a few days. I’m not looking forward to breaking it to them on Wednesday morning that she has left!

6 – Other places/things we have enjoyed over the last couple of weeks have included breakfast at Paul in The Dubai Mall, a visit to the mall’s 150 million year old dinosaur, ice cream treats at Cold Stone Creamery (after injections yuck), a trip to Appleseeds Dubai, where we are members, and a morning at Fun City Ibn Battuta Mall. We’ve also been catching up with friends with various play dates – and most of all, having chilled afternoons to make up for the exhaustion of the mornings at school and nursery.

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We miss our friends and family in the UK, but we are happy to be back!