17th November 2016

Dear Mabel, you are two months old today…

15058694_10157806426785607_108903357_nYou are two months old today, little one – and it’s all going far too quickly.

A minute ago I had a sleepy newborn – but I blinked and you have turned into a chubby two month old, smiling away and holding your head up on your own. Slow down time, please. I’m not ready for the newborn bit to be over yet. I want to put the brakes on for a while and take time to drink you in.

I want to cuddle after feeds and feel your head loll peacefully onto my shoulder, stare at your  face while you sleep, and watch you lie on your Daddy’s chest every evening as you’re still too young to tuck into bed and leave on your own.

I want it to last longer; the last time with a newborn in the house. I don’t want it to end.

But it will, because you are changing – and whilst that makes me sad in one sense, it is so wonderful to see who you are becoming. You are such a sweet, placid little thing who very rarely cries. You’ve woken up from that sleepy newborn bit now – and you like to sit back and watch the chaos of our family-of-five unfold around you (and with a two year old brother, it has been pretty chaotic at times). You just sit there quietly watching – and whenever you see a face, you break out into a beautiful smile (especially if it’s Mummy, because I am definitely your favourite – let’s keep it that way little one, OK?)

You like car journeys (as long as we don’t stop at traffic lights) and your rocking chair always sends you to sleep at home. We set up your cot mobile last week and you think that’s brilliant! You smile and gurgle and giggle when we switch it on every morning – and your brothers stand over you, jealous that you have your very own toy. You are an amazing sleeper and already sleep right through the night, waking for a feed just before we need to get up. We know how lucky we are, you clever, clever little thing.

You were born at 9Ib8oz on the 97th percentile – but now you are down at the 37th. I was small as a child, so I think that’s probably where you are supposed to be. You are still fed on the boob, but you take the bottle happily. It’s usually breastmilk (which you definitely prefer), but you do get the odd bottle of formula now too (and it always makes you poo!)

You only fit a few of your Newborn size clothes now, but fit perfectly in 0-3 months. I’ve felt sad as I’ve taken the smaller things out of the drawer and stored them away (for what, I don’t know) – but discovering what I have bought you for the next size and getting you dressed in something new always makes up for it.

You look just like your oldest brother as a baby – and at times, it takes my breathe away when I glance at you quickly and see him instead. You have bright blue eyes that seem to get bigger by the day, a dimple when you smile, and dark hair (with just a touch of auburn) that sticks up whenever you have a bath.

You fit right in, our lovely little Mabel Beatrix. I haven’t found it nearly as hard to go from 2 to 3 children, as I did from 1 to 2. Experience makes it all easier, I guess – but I know your calm, patient nature makes a big difference too.

It just seems so right; you being here with us. A calming influence on your two nutty brothers. The last piece of the puzzle, fitting so perfectly in the gap we never knew we had.

 You are two months old today, Mabel Beatrix – and how lucky we are to have you in our life.

Love Mummy x