28th July 2016

Dear boys, there’s one more sleep and we are flying back to the desert…

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 18.39.56Dear boys,

There’s just one more sleep and we are flying back to the desert.

Back to Dubai.

Back to 45’C and little chance of playing outside until October rolls around.

And whilst I am ready to go home; to be in my own home, my own bed, and with my own things around me, I don’t think you will ever be ready to say goodbye to the weather, outdoor life, and family fun we have enjoyed for the last 5 weeks.

As expats, it never gets easier leaving the UK after a trip home; especially a longer visit over the summer. But as soon as we have walked through passport control and out the other side at the airport, our thoughts turn to getting home. Surviving a flight with two small people to entertain. Getting home and collapsing through the door with exhaustion. We can cope with saying goodbye, as this is the life we chose. The life we love.

But you didn’t choose it, which is why it stings to pull you away from so many people and things that you love.

As I think back to the last five weeks, memories flick through my mind in quick succession. The two of you watering flower beds with giant watering cans, howling with laughter with your cousins in the swimming pool, beaming with excitement as we flash past villages on train rides, throwing balls for your dog in the garden, running into the arms of your auntie as she gets home from work, jumping in puddles on overcast beaches, collecting eggs from chickens and dipping your toast into the brightest yellow yolks the very next day.

Precious memories.

But tomorrow, those summer memories will fade away for another year – and we will load four suitcases into the car boot, drive to Heathrow, and board a flight back to our life 3,000 miles away.

It’s earlier than usual, as your sister is growing so quickly in my tummy that we need to get home and start getting ready for her arrival. Your summer has been cut short so we can all get back into the swing of expat life before she makes her appearance.

I don’t feel bad about that – as I know that the gift of a sibling is far greater than a few more weeks playing outdoors. And her arrival means that visitors are booked up throughout the autumn – grandparents and aunties, visiting in quick succession to distract you from the change to our family dynamic (for a little while, at least).

Boys; you have an amazing autumn ahead – and that is what I am going to cling to as we kiss family goodbye at the airport tomorrow and walk away with tears stinging our eyes.

We are saying goodbye to a summer of fun – but we have so much to look forward to as we arrive the other side.

And as Winnie the Pooh once said: “How lucky are we to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!” And what a clever bear he was!

Love Mummy x