3rd November 2014

The Best Christmas Jumpers for Boys

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Right, now that’s out the way, let’s get the ball rolling on Christmas – and a good festive jumper has to be a good place to start. Here’s are my favourite jumpers my boys – and I definitely have my eyes on number 9 for Stanley…

christmas jumpers

1 – Green Reindeer Jumper, from £15, Next (click here to buy)

2 – Blue Reindeer Fairisle Pattern Jumper, from £12, Next (click here to buy)

3 – Moose Jumper, £6.50, Mothercare (click here to buy)

4 – Fairisle Christmas Santa Jumper, £8, George at Asda (click here to buy)

5 – Personalised Christmas Jumper, £27, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

6 – Reindeer Fairisle Jumper, from £16, John Lewis (click here to buy)

7 – Christmas Jumper, from £9, Matalan (click here to buy)

8 – Red Musical Reindeer Jumper, from £9, Matalan (click here to buy)

9 – Santa Christmas Jumper, from £14, Mothercare (click here to buy)

14th October 2014

Cosy Nightwear for Boys

Oh I love it when my boys are in their pyjamas, fresh out of the bath with sweet-smelling hair! It doesn’t get much cuter than that. So in honour of the colder months approaching, I have compiled a guide of the cosiest nightwear for little boys for autumn and winter. And if they made the bear onesie in adult size, I would definitely be purchasing too… Happy shopping!

Sweet Dreams

1. Grey Bear Onesie, from £22, Next (click here to buy)

2. Navy Classic Fleece Pyjamas Set, £19.95, GAP, (click here to buy)

3. Faux Fur Claw Slippers, from £12, Marks & Spencer (click here to buy)

4. Jellycat Bashful Monkey, £11, John Lewis (click here to buy)

5. Jaws Print Lounge Pants, from £19.95, Joules (click here to buy)

6. Bear Shaped Sleeping Bag, £49.99, Zara Home (click here to buy)

7. Knitted Elephant, £20, John Lewis (click here to buy)

8. Rabbit Night Light, £4.99, Cissy Wears (click here to buy)

9. Sweet Dreams Little Man Print, £12.78, Etsy (click here to buy)

10. Gingham Sleepsuit, £24, The Little White Company at Alex and Alexa (click here to buy)

11. Steiff Teddy Bear, £60, John Lewis (click here to buy)

12. Organic Sheep Pyjamas, £25, Ava & Luc at Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

13. Bear Slippers, £8.95, GAP (click here to buy)

14. Star Projector, £25, John Lewis (click here to buy)

15. Labrador Pyjamas, £25, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

16. Grey Star Robe, from £10, Next (click here to buy)

17. Fair Isle Print Onesie, from £19, Marks & Spencer (click here to buy)

18. Hamleys Lion Soft Toy, £7, House of Fraser (click here to buy)

19. Cosy Navy Slippers, £10, Jo Jo Maman Bebe (click here to buy)

20. Bear Sleep Robe, £17.95, GAP (click here to buy)

3rd October 2014

Stars Buys for Boys

Thought stars were just for girls? Think again. I could quite happily cover my boys and their rooms in stars, star prints, and star-shaped objects every day of the week – and now I can with these 20 adorable buys for boys. Happy shopping!



1. Navy Star Print Bedside Lamp, £22, Next (click here to buy)

2. Red Star Print Rain Poncho, from £14, Next (click here to buy)

3. Chalkboard Star Decoration, £7.95, Not on the HighStreet (click to buy)

4. Red Star Print Wigwam Tent, £85, Great Little Trading Company (click here to buy)

5. Navy Star Print Seat Pod, £40, Next (click here to buy)

6. Illustrated Name Print, from £20, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

7. Navy Star Print Fleece, £20, John Lewis (click here to buy)

8. Personalised Beany Star Hat, £15, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

9. Star Print Sweatshirt, £28, Alex and Alexa (click here to buy)

10. Star Notebook, £9.99, Not on the Highstreet (click here to buy)

11. How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers, £5.24, Amazon.co.uk (click here to buy)

12. NUNUNU Star Baggy Pants, £37, Sidney Boo (click here to buy)

13. Set of 3 Star Rugs, £18, Next (click here to buy)

14. White Star Print Sling Book Shelf, £65, Great Little Trading Company (click here to buy)

15. Star Print Converse, £30, Debenhams (click here to buy)

16. Star Print Converse Backpack, £20, Alex and Alexa (click here to buy)

17. Pale Blue Star Print Rug, £29.99, Zara Home (click here to buy)

18. Star Print Tracksuit Bottoms, from £18, Boden (click here to buy)

19. 7-Pack Star Print Socks, from £18, Boden (click here to buy)

20. ‘Shine Like The Stars’ Print, £12.75, Etsy (click here to buy)

22nd September 2014

20 Autumn Buys for Boys for Under £20

I’m always on the hunt for stylish clothes and accessories for my boys, but as there are two of them, I could very easily spend the weekly food budget in one shopping trip if I didn’t show restraint (and I hate restraint, it’s so boring). So finding things that are  stylish, practical, and cheap as chips is my favourite hobby.

With autumn about to arrive in the UK (oh I miss autumn now we are in Dubai!) I thought I would gather together 20 of the best buys for boys for the season ahead, with everything (including coats and shoes!) at under £20. Happy shopping – and make sure you kick some leaves for me when you head outside!

Collage1 – Fleece Trapper Hat, £6.95, GAP (click here to buy)

2 – Desert Boots, £12, Matalan (click here to buy)

3 – Pull-on Cotton Trousers, £5.99, H&M (click here to buy)

4 – Bang, Crash, Wallop Long Sleeve T-Shirt, from £6, Next (click here to buy)

5 – Mix Media Trainers, £17.95, GAP (click here to buy)

6 – Loose Jeans, £4.99, H&M (click here to buy)

7 – Batman Umbrella, £10, Marks & Spencer (click here to buy)

8 – Quilted Jacket, £17.99, H&M (click here to buy)

9 – Tracksuit bottoms, £12.95, GAP (click here to buy)

10 – Rib-Knit Jumper, £5.99, H&M (click here to buy)

11 – Mittens on String, £6.50, John Lewis (click here to buy)

12 – ‘My Cape Is In The Wash’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt, £8, River Island (click here to buy)

13 – Ecru Patterned Jumper, from £12, Next (click here to buy)

14 – Suede Boots, £18, Matalan (click here to buy)

15 – Padded Herringbone and Corduroy Gilet, from £18, Marks & Spencer (click here to buy)

16 – Dinosaur Waterproof Poncho, from £15, Next (click here to buy)

17 – Bat Print Long Sleeved Top, from £3, F+F at Tesco (click here to buy)

18 – Padded Gilet, £14.99, H&M (click here to buy)

19 – Hat with Earflaps, £2.99, H&M (click here to buy)

20 – Suede Sherpa Boots, £16.95, GAP (click here to buy)

11th September 2014

How To Dress Boys In Tracksuit Bottoms

OUTFIT 1 merged

I’ve always liked dressing my boys in tracksuit bottoms – but when chatting to friends recently, they admitted they didn’t really like dressing their kids in them. Why? Because they look scruffy.

I think that’s unfair. They’re hardly formalwear, but teamed with the right tops and accessories, I think they look just as good as jeans. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t live in comfortable loungewear 24/7 if they could get away it?

So here’s some inspiration for dressing your little boys in tracksuit bottoms this autumn and winter. And the great thing about these three outfits is that they are practical for active little boys that like to run around, climb, and get dirty outdoors – whilst being comfortable and warm when they head back inside. Winner.


Outfit 1 – I wish I could dress my boys in this cool autumn look (might be a bit on the hot side in Dubai, but we will save it for our trip back at Christmas). The simple tracksuit bottoms work really well with the denim jacket and to-die-for shearling converse. I didn’t include a top for underneath the jacket as anything goes, but the simple long-sleeved T-Shirt in Outfit 2 would work really well here too.

Denim Jacket, £34.95, GAP (click here to buy)

Classic Navy Backpack, £20, Mi Pac at Paperchase (click here to buy)

Navy Cotton Joggers, £49, Elias & Grace (click here to buy)

Chestnut Shearling Converse, £39.99 (click here to buy)



Outfit 2 – Choose tracksuit bottoms with interesting prints or textures to make them the main focus of the outfit. Add a simple long-sleeved T-shirt, a pair of cool Converse, and a knitted beanie for extra warmth and style points.

1 – Navy Cable Knit Beanie, £8.95, GAP (click here to buy)

2 – Striped Long-Sleeved T-Shirt, £4.99, H&M (click here to buy)

3 – Grey Marl Tracksuit Bottoms, from £8, Next (click here to buy)

4 – Grey Converse, £36, Office (click here to buy)



Outfit 3 – This is my favourite for cold winter days! Comfortable, warm, with the coolest Timberland-style boots to make it suitable for even the muddiest playdates outdoors! The gilet  jacket means arms are free, making zooming around much easier than with a big padded jacket.

1 – Puffer Gilet, from £14, Next (click here to buy)

2 – Hooded Red Shirt, £21, Pumpkin Patch at House of Fraser (click here to buy)

3 – Navy Tracksuit Bottoms, £18, Joules at John Lewis (click here to buy)

4 – Desert-style Boots, £19.95, GAP (click here to buy)

22nd August 2014

18 of the coolest jumpers for boys

Feeling the chill? I certainly am – and I am rapidly running out of long-sleeves for my boys, who are more used to living in T-shirts in the warm Dubai climate. We’re still in the UK for a few more weeks, so I have been spending some time browsing for a few jumpers to see us through until September (no doubt this will prompt the sun to come back out in typical ‘sod’s law’ fashion, but at least they can wear them on our Christmas trip home if that’s the case…)

So without further ado, here are my favourite jumpers for boys this autumn. Happy shopping!

collage 1

collage 2

1. Stripe Guard Jumper, £30, The White Company (sizes 2 to 8 years) (click here)

2. Smiley Face Sweat Top, £7, Mothercare (sizes 2 to 8 years) (click here)

3. Engineer Stripe Sweater, £14.95, GAP Kids (sizes 12 months to 5 years) (click here)

4. Batman Jumper, from £18, Marks & Spencer (sizes 5 to 14 years) (click here)

5. Colourblock Crew, from £12, Next (sizes 3 months to 6 years) (click here)

6. ‘This Boy Rocks’ Jumper, £9.99, H&M (sizes 18 months to 10 years) (click here)

7. Striped Sweater, £65, Elias & Grace (sizes 4 to 14 years) (click here)

8. BAM Jumper, £20, Pumpkin Patch at House of Fraser (sizes 0-18 months) (click here)

9. ‘Pullover’ Jumper, £62, Stella McCartney at Alex & Alexa (sizes 2 to 14 years) (click here)

10. NYC Sweater, £14, River Island (sizes 3 to 12 years) (click here)

11. Dog Jumper, £22, Mamas & Papas (sizes 2 to 6 years) (click here)

12. Half Zip Jumper, from £29.95, Joules (sizes 3 to 12 years) (click here)

13. Dinosaur Hoodie, from £15, John Lewis (sizes 2 to 12 years) (click here)

14. Cashmere Star Jumper, from £59, Not on the Highstreet (sizes 1 to 10 years) (click here)

15. Dogtooth Jumper, £14, Baby K at Mothercare (sizes 1 to 8 years) (click here)

16. Cable Knit Jumper, £20, Jo Jo Maman Bebe (sizes 6 months to 5 years) (click here)

17. Sunglasses Sweater, £46, Emile et Ida at Cissy Wears (sizes 1 to 6 years) (click here)

18. Dog Jumper, £22.47 (reduced), Barbour at House of Fraser (sizes 8 – 13 years) (click here)

7th August 2014

Summer Holiday Shopping Part 2 – Sandals

Living in Dubai, Stanley lives in sandals. I am always hunting for stylish designs that are  supportive for his feet – and with my never-ending hunt, his collection is growing by the day. The second part of my Summer Holiday Shopping series rounds up the best styles I have found for summer – so if you are after a pair of sandals for your little man, take your pick from the selection below.

See you again tomorrow for the last in this series of shopping picks!


1 – Brown Flip-flops, £8.99 (reduced from £12.95), GAP (click here)

2 – Navy and Neon Green Jelly Sandals, £18, Project Jelly at Alex and Alexa (click here)

3 – Yellow and Blue Tropical-print Flip-Flops, £4, M&S (click here)

4 – Black Havianas, £13.99, Office (click here)

5 – Leather Squeaky Sandal Shoes, £19.95, My Little Boots at Not on the Highstreet (click here)

6 – Olive Birkenstocks, £36, Alex and Alexa (click here)

7 – Blue Jelly Shoes, from £6, Next (click here)

8 – Red Spiderman Flip-Flops, from £6, M&S (click here)

9 – Traditional Fisherman Style Sandals, £50, Charley Mouse at Not on the Highstreet (click here)

6th August 2014

Summer Holiday Shopping Part 3 – Swimming Shorts

Today is the last post in my Summer Holiday Shopping Series, with a round-up of the coolest swimming shorts for little boys. If you are heading off on holiday over coming weeks or simply want to make the most of a paddling pool and sprinkler system in the garden, a pair of these shorts will  make your little man stand out for all the right reasons.

With winter months approaching in Dubai (we’ll get there by October), I am seriously considering snapping up numbers 5, 6 and 8 for Stanley to wear at the pool and beach. And with prices like that, you can’t really argue.

Happy shopping – and I’ll be back in the next few days with something completely different!


1 – Turtle Swimming Shorts, £35, StarBlu (click here)

2 – Navy and Blue Block Colour Swimming Shorts, from £8, Bhs (click here)

3 – Green Dinosaur Swimming Shorts, from £9, bluezoo at Debenhams (click here)

4 – Pink Swimming Shorts, £8, River Island (click here)

5 – Rocket Print Swimming Shorts, from £6, Mothercare (click here)

6 – Red Star Swimming Shorts, from £6, Next (click here)

7 – Red Swimming Shorts, £5.99, H&M (click here)

8 – Shark Print Swimming Shorts, £14.95, GAP (click here)

9 – Navy Boat-Print Swimming Shorts, £14, Jo Jo Maman Bebe (click here)

Summer Holiday Shopping Part 1 – Polo Shirts

What more does a boy need over the summer holidays than polo shirts, sandals, and swimming shorts? Well OK, a few other things would be handy obviously, but give a boy these three essentials and he can enjoy a season of gardens, beaches, and water play. They’ve got to be stylish of course, so I’ve done the hard work for you and found the best the virtual rails have to offer…

I’m starting with my pick of polo shirts for little boys – and I will follow over the next few days with sandals and swimming shorts. Happy shopping – and see you again tomorrow!


1 – Blue & White Striped Polo, £30, Ben & Lola at Not on the Highstreet (click here)

2 – Blue Colourblock Polo, from £10, Next (click here)

3 – Navy Polo Shirt with Logo, £14.50, Joules at John Lewis (click here)

4 – Rugby Stripe Polo, £5.99 (reduced from £10.95), GAP (click here)

5 – Spotty Polo, from £10, Next (click here)

6 – Block Striped Polo, from £17, Ted Baker at Debenhams (click here)

7 – Mint Polo, £70, Vilebrequin at Alex & Alexa (click here)

8 – Striped Polo Shirt, from £8, Bhs (click here)

9 – Navy Polo with A Motif, £5.99 (reduced from £10.99), Zara (click here)

2nd August 2014

Something for the Weekend – UK and Dubai (02.08.14)

Something for the Weekend

I always intended this blog to be based in the UK, despite living overseas in Dubai. This is mainly because I knew it would grow quicker, plus we intend to move back at some point and I want to take my blog with me. But over recent weeks, it’s become apparent through various comments, messages and emails I’ve received that I also have a fair few readers in the UAE (hello neighbours!) So I’ve decided that I will start a weekly post where I pick one new thing, place, activity or brand from each country – so both sets of Mums can read the same post every week and both gain something from it. Like it? I hope so – and here’s this week’s two top picks for the weekend.


Jo Jo Maman Bebe’s Autumn Winter collection has just launched – and like many fans of the store, I couldn’t rip open the packaging quick enough to see what is in store for the new season. Here’s my top six picks for little boys.


1 – Striped Long Johns (available with dog, plane, dinosaur, fox and bus in sizes up to 2-3 years), £10 each (click here)

2 – Navy Quilted Jacket (available up to 4-5 years), £29 (click here)

3 – Hooded Checked Shirt (available up to 4-5 years), £18 (click here)

4 – Cable Knit Jumper (available in natural, red, denim and navy in sizes up to 4-5 years), £20 (click here)

5 – Star Onesie Pyjamas (available up to 4-5 years), £16 (click here)

6 – Dinosaur Extra Thick Leggings (available up to 2-3 years), £10 (click here)


I’ve just found out about new website Mini Exchange; an online marketplace where parents can buy and sell new and like-new kids’ clothes, accessories, fancy dress, or school uniform that your child no longer uses.

The great thing about this website is that they will collect your items for free, take photographs, describe the items and list them on their site. And when they sell, they will deposit the cash, minus their commission, directly into your account. It’s as simple as that.

Mini Exchange

I’ve had a good browse of the website and it’s very professional, with the clothes on offer as appealing as walking into a posh store. And as you’d expect from Dubai, there are some really lovely brands on there – I’m tempted by some White Company sleepwear, GAP baby and boy’s wear, and Ralph Lauren shirts.

Shipping is free on orders over 250 AED (30 AED for orders below that figure), with all major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

The thing I’m most excited about is being able to sell clothes we no longer need on a marketplace that shows them off in the very best light. Without eBay in the UAE, this is something we’ve been missing (but if I’m honest, I’m a bit too lazy to list them myself even if we did have it – so finding a company that will do the hard work is like gold dust).

Visit Mini Exchange for more details.