About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Louise and I’m married to Charlie. We have three children; Stanley (5), Wilfred (3), and Mabel (1). All three of our children were born in Dubai, where we lived as an expat family for the last 7 years.

We really did live in the middle of the desert – and it wasn’t unusual to look out of the boys’ bedroom window and see camels making their way across the desert dunes. I very, very rarely stepped out of my flip-flops in 7 years (apart from those frosty Christmas trips home). And my kids learnt to swim in luxurious hotel pools, while I lay back and watched on sunloungers. It was wonderful and we were very happy.

But in September 2017, it all changed. Motivated mainly by what was best for the kids in the long run (that big expat worry that just never goes away), we made a snap decision to move back to the UK countryside. Those glimpses of camels were replaced by fields of cows and sheep on the way to school, those weekends lounging around five-star pools were replaced by adventures building dens deep in the woods, and those flip-flops were replaced by pairs of sheepskin boots. 

So that’s where we are now – and I’d love it if you could join me, as I work out exactly how this UK Mum thing works (starting with emergency winter woolies shopping, before it gets too cold and we all turn blue).

But having said all this, a very big piece of my heart remains out there in the desert – not to mention my actual husband, given that he’s still working there too. So whilst this blog will now be based in the UK, there will be a healthy sprinkling of Dubai throughout my blog posts and social media feeds too.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Louise x

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