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15th March 2019

Mums and E-Commerce Solutions: A Surprisingly Beneficial Relationship

One of the most pervasive (and often incorrect) myths associated with motherhood is that women have little time for anything other than caring for their child. While there is no doubt that the role of a mother is a full-time venture, this does not necessarily mean that you are unable to leverage your talents through the use of home-based business solutions.

If you are into technology trends or should you be vaguely familiar with the concept of digital marketing, the chances are high that you have come across the term “ecommerce software” at one time or another. These packages essentially represent the electronic backbones of modern online sales platforms. So, why might now be a great time to consider an online venture and what do these e-commerce services have to offer?

Why Online Retail Sales? 

The notion of online sales first went mainstream with the advent of major portals such as eBay and Amazon. In the past, sellers would generally utilise these platforms in order to actively promote their products and services. While effective, there were a few obvious issues that could not be addressed such as:

  • It was not possible to personalised a web page.
  • Hefty commissions would sometimes need to be paid to the provider.
  • Trust was often an issue between buyers and sellers.These are some of the main reasons why independent e-commerce solutions were needed. In other words, were there any ways to leverage the benefits associated with larger retail portal through a standalone website? This is essentially when the concept of the home-base business was born. It was not long until many providers began manufacturing software packages specifically designed for the needs of the startup organisation. There are now a wealth of tools at your disposal if you have been looking to design a successful website from the ground up.

What are the Benefits of Choosing an E-Commerce Solution?

Many mothers believe that they will be forced to “go it alone” when starting a home-based online business. This is the first myth to dispel. The presence of modern and innovative software solutions such as those which have been developed by Shopify are intended to provide you with the most important resources. Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Customised website templates.
  • The ability to add your branding across numerous pages.
  • Secure and flexible payment gateways.
  • Easy software integration.
  • Mobile-friendly interfaces.

You can think of such a system as a digital toolbox that will provide your firm with the momentum it requires to succeed. It should also be mentioned that you will never be left stranded if a question or issue happens to arise. Modern e-commerce solutions are associated with dedicated customer service representatives who are always available.

If you have been looking to start a home-based business, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Starting off in the right direction and with a firm vision in mind is the best way to tip the scales of fortune in your favour.


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