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10th December 2018

Making Toothbrushing Fun With Aquafresh

Sponsored by Aquafresh

There are certain brands that stay with you throughout the stages of parenthood – and for me, Aquafresh is one of those brands. Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste was the first toothpaste I purchased when my eldest Stanley got his first teeth back in 2012 (those same teeth that are now falling out quicker than the tooth fairy can flutter her wings!)  – and it’s the brand I have chosen for Stanley, Wilfred and Mabel’s toothpaste and toothbrushes ever since.

Mabel has 16 milk teeth in her mouth now (I think we’re just waiting for those pesky back molars!) – and as milk teeth have enamel that is thinner and more delicate than adult teeth, extra care is needed to keep those teeth healthy. Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste (for ages 0-2 years) can be used as soon as your baby’s first tooth emerges, as it’s tough on decay, but with low abrasivity, making it kind to little teeth.


Mabel is pretty good at letting me brush her teeth (and having a go herself!) But anything that can keep her attention throughout the process is a big help. I have always sung a song while brushing their teeth (remember that song in the film Grease, when Jan sings at the sleepover? That’s what I’ve always sung – and it seems to keep them happy enough while I’m brushing to get a really good clean of the teeth!

I recently found out about another way to keep them focused on tooth brushing for a full two minutes – and that’s the Aquafresh Brush Time app! After downloading the free app, you can start it when it’s time for teeth brushing (with different settings for different children) – and Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles will sing and dance while your little ones brush! The app has a timer that counts down the recommended two minutes – and it also tells the child (and parent!) when it’s time to swap sides.




So what did we think? I didn’t think I’d ever use an app for tooth brushing, but I honestly think it can help – whether for older children like Stanley (who now brush their teeth themselves and I worry aren’t doing it for long enough or covering every surface) or for younger children like Mabel (who are so easily distracted and can clamp their mouth shut). It’s definitely worth downloading and having a go!

Download the Aquafresh Brush Time app here. Available on Apple or Android