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25th January 2018

Currently Loving – January 2018

Anybody else still writing 2017 whenever they write the date and having to change it to 2018? Or is that just me? I’ll probably still be doing it next December. To be honest, I can’t believe that we’re nearly at the end of January already. The month is whizzing past and I nearly forgot to write this post, so distracted by our skiing holiday and preparations for Wilfred’s birthday next week. But thankfully I remembered in the nick of time – so without further ado, here is my first ‘Currently Loving’ post of 2018…


  1. Boden Shark Sweatshirt. The new season collection for kids at Boden hasn’t disappointed – and this time round, it’s the boys’ selection that has made me swoon. I love the shark prints in the collection, especially this fun sweatshirt, which starts at £22. Shop here.


  1. Matalan Lamp. I’ve fallen head over heels for this copper lamp from Matalan. I’d like one for each side of our bed and think it would transform the room. They are £60 each and you can shop here.


  1. T-RQ Biotin Hair, Skin and Nails. I used to be a beauty journalist and spent hours testing lotions and potions – and my skin, hair and nails thanked me for it. But three children later and my beauty regime has been abandoned. That’s it. So I’ve made a vow to look after my skin a bit better in 2018, starting with these chewable vitamins by T-RQ (available worldwide via the web shop). Biotin, which is derived from the Greek word meaning “life”, is an important B vitamin which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. The blend also contains Vitamin C and E, making them a fabulous all-rounder. The chewable fruity pastilles taste great too. Shop here.


  1. The Crown Prints. I fell in love with the baby animal collection by The Crown Prints as soon as I lay eyes on them – and I couldn’t resist framing the bunny face and bunny bottom next to each other in Mabel’s new bedroom. She also has the little chick, which she enjoys quacking at every night before bed! You can either buy the file to download and print yourself – or the prints shipped to your door. I did the latter and the quality is great. Shop here.


  1. Senspa Relaxing Shower Gel. Whilst shopping for some bubble bath for the kids in the supermarket last week, I decided it was time for a treat for myself. And this lovely shower gel has been turning my morning shower into a luxury spa experience ever since. Of course I’m exaggerating a little, but the smell really does transport me to the luxury spas I loved visiting in Dubai. So gorgeous. It’s £5.95 and you can shop here.


  1. The Tattooist of Auchwitz by Heather Morris. I haven’t started reading this book yet, but it’s on my bedside table and I can’t wait to get stuck in. It comes very highly recommended – and I keep hearing glowing reviews wherever I look. Shop here.


  1. ‘I AM MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL’ Print by ThisLakshmi. Mabel was lucky enough to be gifted a very similar print to this for Christmas last year, by the very talented artist ThisLakshmi. Her print reads ‘You are more than beautiful’, which isn’t currently available on the site – but I thought the subtle difference was actually very lovely. And it’s available as an A5 card for just £4, which is a total bargain. Shop here.


  1. Clarks Kendra Shoes at I recently spotted these navy suede shoes by Clarks online at the online footwear store – and I fell in love instantly. Not only are they the perfect heel for an evening out (I’m imagining wearing them with a dress and tights – but skinny jeans and a blazer would look equally good), but the website slashes the price of the RRP too, meaning I saved money too at £63 (from £79). Shop here.


  1. La Redoute Pink Duffel Coat. Mabel just keeps growing and we’re onto her third coat of the winter (lesson learnt for next year – buy big and she’ll grow into it!) And this is the coat I am hoping will see us through until spring. It’s so beautifully made for the very affordable price tag of £14 (from £35)


  1. Next Dinosaur Pyjamas. My boys have so many pyjamas that I’m struggling to shut that door in their room – but there is something so, so gorgeous about this set of three dinosaur-print pyjamas from Next (brand new in – and I don’t think it’ll be long before they have totally sold out). They cost from £22 and you can shop here.

I’m also loving…

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22nd January 2018

5 Tips For Taking Kids On Ski Holidays!

  1. Go for catered accommodation

I’m usually all about self-catering on holidays with kids, but going with a company that provides meals is such a godsend when you are skiing. Not only are you using up way more energy than the average holiday (not just on the slopes, but in getting three kids into a million layers and then marching them through snow, then entertaining them in the afternoon too) so you are way too exhausted to feed yourself and the kids – but it also saves fitting supermarket trips into the schedule and working out how you’ll trudge there with the kids in the snow. We chose the holiday company Morealps, which meant we had breakfast prepared every morning, a freshly cooked cake mid-afternoon, the kid’s dinner at 5pm, and a 3-course dinner (with the option of cheese too, which we never managed) for the adults at 8pm. It worked really well – and meant that even though the days were tiring, the evenings really did feel like a holiday. You can check out details of Morealps here –

  1. Choose a great ski school

If you are planning to hit the slopes (or indeed the spa), you are going to need some childcare for a portion of the day. And whilst you are in the mountains, it makes perfect sense for your little people to hit those slopes too. My boys had never even seen snow before, let alone skied, so I did my research – and settled on ESF (Ecole Du Ski Francais), who looked after our boys perfectly all morning. I was amazed to see them skiing down slopes within a few hours on skis – and the very-friendly welcome as the boys arrived every morning eased any nerves. Visit the La Rosiere site here –

3. Pack thermals

It seems obvious to pack warm clothes when you head to the snow, but it isn’t just the thick skiing jackets and trousers that are important. In fact, I quickly came to realise that long-sleeve thermal tops and trousers to be worn underneath were just as crucial to keeping little people warm – and having dressed them in these base layers, my Dubai-born children never shiverred. The brand Engelbert Strauss is worth checking out for this as their thermals are very high quality and affordable. I recommend this top and these trousers.

  1. Pack favourite snacks

A friend gave me the top tip to take away a selection of the childrens’ favourite snacks so you can zip one into the pocket of their ski jacket for hungry moments on the slopes. The ski school hadn’t told me to do this, so I was very relieved when we turned up and the instructor asked if they had snacks to ward off hunger pains. It is expected – and it is necessary when they are burning up so much energy on the slopes. And if you have a fussy eater (and I have one of them), packing what you know they’ll eat from home is a good idea.

  1. Take along ‘quiet time’ entertainment

When my boys finished skiing every day, it was fair to say that they were absolutely exhausted. Completely dead on their feet, dragging their heels and whining. They desperately needed a bit of time to chill – and so I’m very glad that I packed a selection of activity books, colouring books, DVD’s and their iPads. We usually spent between midday and 3pm together in the chalet letting them recharge batteries before we went out again around 3pm – and it would’ve been hard without ways to keep them still!

5th January 2018

Mabel tests: Baby Dove

In sponsorship with Baby Dove

I’m going to start this review by saying that Mabel has sensitive skin. She has eczema on her face and the start of it on her tummy – and whilst it’s very mild, I’ve noticed that certain products flare it up. I have to use very gentle bath and body products – and I have to make sure that her skin is moisturised after every bath or she starts scratching.

Having said that, I like to use products on her skin that feel lovely and smell lovely – because you want that for your baby, don’t you? I usually turn to natural products that contain soothing ingredients like oatmeal, alongside moisturising ingredients like shea butter or almond oil.

So when I read that the Baby Dove ranges are ‘as gentle as water, hypoallergenic and pH-neutral”, I agreed to give it a go with Mabel. Available in Rich Moisture or Sensitive Moisture (fragrance-free), the formulas are also tested by an ophthalmologist, dermatologist and paediatrician, which all sounded very promising. We tried the Rich Moisture Head to Toe Body Wash, the Rich Moisture Nappy Cream, and the Nourishing Baby Lotion. I used the first when she was in the bath (on her hair too) – and the second two on her body and bum afterwards.

So what did we think?

Rich Moisture Head to Toe Body Wash.

This was lovely. Creamy in texture, with a clean but very gentle scent. I loved the plunge dispenser, which makes it really easy to use when you have three kids and only two arms (and at least two of them are trying to drench me). I used it on Mabel’s skin and hair. It was easy to rinse off her skin and out of her hair – and it didn’t feel drying. I will definitely continue to use it.

Rich Moisture LotionI wasn’t so keen on the smell of this one – it was a little too neutral, almost lacking in something. But I did like the way it absorbed quickly into Mabel’s skin and left it feeling very soft. No irritation either, even with her sensitivity.

Rich Moisture Nappy CreamThis was my favourite of the lot. I have used the same nappy rash cream since I’ve become a mother from one of the leading brands and had never considered swapping, but this cream is actually better. It’s easier to get from the tube, spreads easier, and stays put (rather than disappearing into her skin two seconds after I apply it). No scent whatsoever, which is the way I like it for that product, and a little goes a very long way. 

For more details about the range, visit