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2nd April 2016

Boy or girl?

My husband finally got home at 9pm on Thursday evening and we ripped open the envelope a few minutes later (I’d like to think he was just as excited as me, but his pizza was getting cold so who knows?) He looked first, made a shocked face, and started to fold the paper back up – so I ripped it out of his hands and opened it myself to read the news.

I had all sorts of plans to take pictures of blue and pink balloons or cupcakes to break the news in a creative, arty way – but then Stanley asked if he could draw a picture so I had a better idea… So on that note, I’ll hand over to the boys to reveal whether they are getting a new baby brother or sister…

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So there we go – it’s PINK. I couldn’t be more shocked – to be honest, it hasn’t sunk it properly yet, but we are both absolutely delighted.

My doctor told me he is 99% sure, but not to do too much shopping until we confirm it at the 20 week scan. So I obviously completely ignored his advice and ventured into the girls’ section of GAPKids on Friday morning and made a couple of impulse purchases. It’s not a section I ever thought I would shop in for my own children and I was overwhelmed by the pinkness. I think this shopping habit is going to get out of hand… I have to admit that after walking around on Cloud 9, I did catch sight of an adorable baby boy babygro when I was walking out and had a small pang of sadness – but I was never going to get both genders and I feel very lucky that I have two lovely boys at home already.

So the big question remains… What on earth am I going to call this blog? Answers on a postcard please!