9th September 2014

15 Things I Wish My Kids Could Experience From The 80’s and 90’s

1. Wanting to talk to somebody on the phone so badly that you are prepared to speak to one of their parents first. And wanting to phone somebody so badly that you are happy for your own parents to hear the conversation, as the phone lead doesn’t stretch any further than the kitchen door.

2. The thrill of picking up a fat envelope of holiday photos after they have been developed by a high street store.

3. The definition of exciting new technology being a T-shirt that changes colour when you sweat.


4. Recording the Top 40 onto a tape. And getting better and better at pressing ‘stop’ when the DJ starts talking over the track.

5. Saturday night TV actually being good. Baywatch, Gladiators, Blind Date, and Noel’s House Party.


6. Saturday morning TV actually being good too – so good that you race downstairs and watch a still image of a girl with a blackboard against a coloured screen until the Going Live! credits rolled.


7. Having 10 pence to spend on sweets – and getting 10 (or even 20 if you went for the half pence varieties)

8. Having to put your trust in a watch and alarm clock to tell the time.


9. The ability to memorize a large bank of five and six digit home phone numbers, which you will probably still remember as an adult.

10. The fact that sharing a status update meant whispering in class, defriending someone meant ignoring them, and following someone required a disguise.

11. Having only four TV channels to pick from, but always having something to watch.


12. Arranging to meet a friend at a certain place and time – and just having to stay put if they are late and hope they show up.

13. Playing outside on summer evenings on bikes with other kids on the street until late. Without your parents worrying.

14. Playing an electronic game meant visiting an arcade.

15. Having to press rewind on a video to watch it again.


What do you remember from the 80s and 90s that you wish your kids could experience too? I’d love to hear your memories!