22nd May 2015

15 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Child’s Instant And Undivided Attention

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 21.42.561 – Pick up your phone and attempt to make a call. The more important the call, the faster they will come running.

2 – Sit down on the toilet.

3 – Answer the door.

4 – Stand in the kitchen and begin to prepare dinner. For a quicker success rate, start cutting up raw chicken.

5 – Make yourself a hot drink and have the cheek to sit on the sofa.

6 – Turn on the shower and step inside.

7 – Take a younger sibling to change their nappy. The messier the nappy, the quicker the response.

8 – Book a babysitter and attempt to leave the house.

9 – Attempt to breastfeed a sibling.

10 – Step into a warm bath when they are sleeping peacefully. Your name will be called before you touch the bubbles

11 – Attempt to eat in their presence.

12 – Step within a few feet of a cleaning product or appliance.

13 – Whilst driving, pull onto a busy motorway. If your child was peacefully minding their own business beforehand, they will be shouting demands within seconds.

14 – Invite a friend over to your house and attempt to chat while the children play.

15 – Show even a hint of affection to your husband or partner. They will be there in seconds. Seconds.